The RTE received 28 complaints at the suggestion of Jennifer Samparelli for the mask-wearing debate

The RTE received 28 complaints at the suggestion of Jennifer Samparelli for the mask-wearing debate

Angry listeners flocked to complain to the RTE about Jennifer Samparelli’s suggested discussion of face masks.

The 2fm After receiving a backlash online, the host was forced to cancel her plan to perform on the controversial segment radio show.

But RTE 28 people are still contacting them to complain about the possibility of a component on the 2fm show and one is not going ahead.

An RTE spokesperson said: “RTE has been contacted by 28 members of the public through the Information Office, who are dissatisfied with the proposed item.

“A general member was unhappy that the item did not go ahead.”

Speaking on her 2fm show on Tuesday, In vain The decision to drag this segment came after it was found that ’emotional 24 hours’ were becoming annoying online.

It all started on Monday when a native of Baldo tweeted: “We have an open discussion about masks on my show.

“Do you have a strong opinion about wearing them or not? I want to hear from you. Mail me. ”

But after creating a series of abuses and criticisms online calling the planned section “irresponsible”, they announced that they had decided to withdraw the idea.

“It’s an emotional 24 hours,” she said.

“Yes, I put up a tweet without thinking about the words I used.

“I have to say, the focus of my tweet was very different from the commentary.

“I wanted your response over the weekend.

“But I used the word ‘talk’ and the word ‘talk’ about face masks. People thought I would give a platform to anti-masks.

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“They were very upset, they were very angry. I need to clarify what was planned today.”

She explained: “So we booked a guest, why a great guest, when confronted with a global pandemic, people refuse to wear a mask against all medical advice or sympathy for those around them.

“I think these people are still on top of that.

“Who are these people? Why do they think they should not wear one?

“I wanted to understand them, because I wear my own mask, I wear my own mask before they are forced, businesses close, people get sick, people die, and the weekend scenes scare me.

“So I went to Twitter to ask what your thoughts are.”

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