The rowing graduates who fed Italy were hungry for gold

The rowing graduates who fed Italy were hungry for gold

The importance of what is called faith. Or as some who like onomatics suggest, it would be called Veil. Because, if FedEx and Valle are the two names that mean success in Italian sports, then Federica Cesarini and Valentina Rodini together, we can only give the second gold of this Japanese expedition, which made President Malage a little anxious. If the looting of titles five days after Barcelona ’92 was the most pathetic, these two Lombard girls planned to play Mameli for the second time, with an achievement in the middle of the night. A gold medal came in the women’s double lightweight boat, which is historic because it is the first medal in the Italian Pink Rowing, and this discipline has awaited 21 years, from the success of the four-legged couple to the Augustino Abbagnale-Sartori-Galterosa-Raineri to Sidney 2000.

Fede e Valle’s gold (“but we’re not afraid to fight”) is the gold of those who know how to suffer, and it is also the gold of lightness: because it has been in the category presented in games since ’96. It is reserved for those who can row less than 59 kg (72.5 for men) as it reflects the naturalness with which the two girls came to win. “For us it was a dream to be here, they say – and then the adrenaline of the Olympics left.” “When I arrived, I heard Valentina screaming: We won, Federica points out – but I didn’t understand anything. I made it later.”

It was a triumph of simplicity, because, as often happens to us, when you start to think about who can finally add a gold to the blue medal list, the unexpected surprise will always appear. For those inside this time (despite having an Olympic record in the battery) and even close relatives, it would be true if Cicero’s parents admitted that they had never even dreamed of it. But the way to victory is also light, because the two blue colors are fun to slide in the water, and everyone burns in the photo finish in the race, and whoever is in charge of it often changes: in the end they win with a 14-cent bow. Ahead of the French (a bit Italian: Toronto and Bowe, most likely a derby) 49 ahead of the Dutch.

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An epidemic lightness, because in the context of Weil and Fed, the men’s doubles, always lightweight, won a bronze medal with Stefano Oppo and Pietro Ruta clearly separated from Ireland, but the Czech Republic managed to save third place, finishing fourth in Rio.

The light of Valentina and Federica dives into the waters of the Gulf of Tokyo as a liberating gesture, not forgetting the values ​​of sports and life: “We took Pippo to the top of the podium”, Montelli full of pain in April, the blue rowing of the memoryless companion. Because Vel and Feda are two golden girls, graduates, Rodini in economics and Cesarini in political science, and a dissertation on sports geopolitics: the case of the Olympics, almost a sign of doom. Valentina, 26, from Cremona; Federica, 25, from Citiglio, the center of Verizon, gave birth to Alfredo Binda, one of the greatest monuments in the blue sport. Would you like to see a place name considered?

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