The role of raids in World of Warcraft, what newcomers should pay attention to

All players who come to such a complex and multi-level project as the World of Warcraft will have to master many mechanics and choose priority ones for themselves.

You will be able to upgrade your hero and complete hundreds of quests, mastering the game plot and learning the strengths and weaknesses of your class.

You can learn professions and engage in pure grinding and production by leveling two types of craft to earn gold and trade crafted items, and subsequently enter the order table in the Dragonflight update in the Dragon Islands and start the production pipeline for other players.

You can devote yourself exclusively to PVP, for this you need to choose your faction and pump level 20, as you get to locations adjacent to the warring races, you will have the opportunity to engage with them in battle and in case of victories you will be awarded coins of valor. Having accumulated a large number of such rewards, you can buy special equipment that has enhanced parameters in battle with other players and, in fact, only engage in battles with other players.

Finally, you can dedicate yourself to raids – these are temporary zones that are filled with monsters and bosses led above them. For completing such dungeons, players will receive experience and rewards that often surpass all other ways to get top equipment.

There are simple, heroic and mythic raids, and as updates are released, new dungeons will appear with unique and better rewards for the current update.

So in the World of Warcraft with the Dragonflight update, the Aberrus raid, The Shadowed Crucible will soon appear, and all participants who are the first to defeat the bosses will receive unique equipment sets, an achievement and honor in the form of a display on the wall of fame.

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You can prepare for the raid on your own and assemble your own group, or follow the link – and leave a pre-order for the raid as part of a group of professional players Skycoach. Players will help you farm the boss and set up a campaign so that all the rewards and experience go to your character.

What is a raid and how to farm them correctly

A raid is a dungeon, or a temporary zone, in which three bosses live with or without their retinue. Often the head of the dungeon without guards is more ferocious, and the version with allies relies more on their support and can receive help in battle, buffs and power-ups.

There are three types of raids:

  • Ordinary.
  • Heroic.
  • Mythical.

The main feature of each of them is a sequential admission, you must go through them in order to get the right to enter the raid with a higher difficulty level.

Each raid, depending on the difficulty, has its own requirements for the minimum equipment strength to qualify for entry, and the same raid as loot will be able to provide the player with equipment of greater strength. In this way, you can farm raids and get planned boosts for your character and at the same time the right to access the next complicated stage.

Composition of the group

Depending on the configuration of your battle group, the chance of success also depends heavily. It is necessary to maintain a balance and not oversaturate the squad with players that deal damage and sacrifice support classes, and vice versa, rely on one DD, which may simply not have enough damage.

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Who should be in the group:

  • Tank – Holds the main damage to the boss and retinue if it is present in the raid, without a good tank all the damage falls on DD or supports and the farm often ends quickly.
  • Healer – Supports himself and the rest of the party, imposes regeneration and healing, resurrects the fallen if necessary. Always gives the group a chance to fix a bug that caused someone in the group to die in a boss fight.
  • Ranged offensive class – almost always include mages and archers. Due to physical damage, archers do more damage to the boss and less to the retinue, and mages inflict strong magical damage to the retinue and boss, but they are dependent on mana and without proper equipment can lag behind the rest of the attacks in terms of attack power, but even with all this, mages are the strongest in terms of AoE on monsters.
  • Attacking melee classes – The main sources of damage to the boss, warriors, daggers, beast masters and other classes that can deal strong and fast physical damage and rely on critical attacks are best handled. Ideally, there should be limits – temporary skills that greatly increase the power of attacks for a short time. The tank holds the boss, and the DDs go all out, bringing in all their damage and monitoring the behavior of the boss in order to react in time to a change in the situation.

Tactics in battle in raids of any complexity

The tank should hold the boss and his retinue on him and bring them to the center of the hall – this is necessary so that, depending on the attacks of the boss, the group has enough room to maneuver. Bosses can deal deadly long-range damage, and then the group must come close, or vice versa, the blow will be dealt from a short distance, and then, on the contrary, you need to run back.

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If the boss is located near the wall, then the very first powerful attack in close proximity may not end the entire raid in the best way.

In the event that the boss has a retinue that can heal or buff him, or simply help deal damage, then the entire group should immediately concentrate their forces on destroying the guards of the head of the dungeon.

This will unload the healer and the tank and make the raid more predictable and calm, because the healer will need to maintain the health of the tank and monitor the changing situation, and not quickly heal each member of the group from incoming damage.

The healer should stay in the middle lane – this means being behind the tank at a fast healing distance and being able to reach the ranged fighters. This will allow you to control the situation, and even if the boss uses a secret skill with an incomprehensible property, you will have a great chance to keep the situation under control and heal all the victims.

The task of the main attacking characters is to monitor the behavior of the boss and apply skills that increase damage in a situation where you know for sure that the boss will not move or attack with skills.

Mages and archers, in addition to dealing damage, should be in the field of vision of the healer.

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