The rocket, which was abandoned in space, collided with the moon

The rocket, which was abandoned in space, collided with the moon

Friday morning, March 4, 7:25 pm Colombian time, 12:25 GMT. No one saw it. No one is listening. He did not leave a trace. No evidence. And yet. A rocket, at high speed, crashed uncontrollably into the moon’s hidden face.

It was part of a vehicle believed to have been in Earth’s orbit since 2014, and its exact origin is unclear.

Initially, It was said that this is one of the SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space travel company, however, denied the allegations.

Last but not least, apparently, it was a Long March 3C rocket, the booster of the Chang’e 5-T1 lunar mission launched in 2014, which China has denied, but said that the upper stage has re-entered. The atmosphere burned in its path.

However, astronomer Bill Gray, who did the calculations, said that China had mixed parts of the rocket and was 99.9% sure that it was Chang’e 5-T1.

Although no space agency has confirmed the collision with the moon, a community of astronomers following the case believe it did happen and could be confirmed in the coming days or weeks.

Why no one saw it?

It was not dangerous because it was traveling at high speeds (2.6 km per second), but it was expected that the diameter of the abandoned crater would be only 19 m. It weighed three tons.

But it happened in the hidden part of the moon, not visible from Earth, especially in the Hertsprung crater.

Will there be confirmation?

Although the crater is small, it is an example of what can happen if space debris continues to pollute near and far Earth’s orbit. According to the European Space Agency, there are 36,500 space debris larger than 10 centimeters.

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When some people observe or report obsolete or inactive parts Wandering in space, There is no one to track or collect these space debris, so there is a constant risk of losing control and colliding with Earth, the Moon or other stars. They can be damaged by a collision with an International Space Station or a satellite.

As in this case, those who track these parts, Some amateur astronomers, scientists, and volunteers offer their time Resources for calculating some rockets or debris and estimating their orbits.

So there was initial confusion about the actual owner of the rocket as well. This is because there is no way to confirm the origin of the rocket, but they need to reconstruct its trajectory, track its route and infer or create further speculations.

Now, astronomers hope to confirm, In a few days or weeks, If an uncontrolled crash occurs, what was the result of the crater.

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