The revolution in smart TVs: in a few days the smartphone will control them and give them new functions

The revolution in smart TVs: in a few days the smartphone will control them and give them new functions

After a decent career of seventy years, the remote control may have retired, given something more convenient and intelligent instead.

Google TV

It will be more or less a long farewell to remote control. After all, smartphones equipped with infrared output can already control various devices such as air conditioners. Now, however, a real revolution is coming in Italy for systems-compatible TVs Android TV and Google TV. In practice, a mobile phone can be used instead of a remote control. Any TV and any TV that uses Android TV and Google TV will suffice. In this case, the change points to relief, as our device’s touch screen can be used as a keyboard. For example, typing in search fields or entering passwords for streaming platforms can be very easy.

So all these remote controls will become obsolete and interactions with the new system will be endless: think of any texts that can be copied from a site or searched in chat.

How to turn your smartphone into a TV remote

TV Con Android
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To make your smartphone interactive with television, just a few steps are enough. In fact, open the quick controls and press the pencil, then the personalization icon. At that time Android will provide all the quick controls available, including the one in the form of a remote control. Hold down the icon and drag it to the quick control area, where it is more convenient for users.

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The remote control icon appears, which allows us to use our smart TV to take advantage of these functions: Turn the TV on and off, navigate the interface, control playback, turn the volume up and down, activate Google Assistant, and enter text with the phone keypad.

This feature is already active in the United States, but already plans to expand to 14 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, India, Ireland,
Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland.

This way, the TV user can be offered a list of his favorite channels, complete viewing shows, personal suggestions and more. That too will be one Safe solution, From now on all Android smartphones will have at least one form of user identification through biometric methods Unlock with your face or fingerprint. However, standard remote controls will never have.

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