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The research team had previously released COVID-19 mortality forecasts by the Trump administration

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About three million people will “probably” die Covid-19 A research organization that once relied on the Trump administration warns that if governments around the world do not keep a social distance and people are more careful about wearing masks.

The death toll in the U.S., which currently stands at 188,000, will double on January 1 to 400,000 Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) Predicts the School of Medicine at the University of Washington.

This is not even the “bad situation” that IHME mentioned in its report. In that model, four million people worldwide would die, and 620,000 people would die in the U.S. from Kovid-19, the researchers concluded.

Under “optimal conditions,” two million people will die worldwide by the end of the year, with COVID-19 deaths ranging from 257,286 to 327,775 anywhere in the US.

“We are facing the possibility of a deadly December in Europe, the Middle East and the United States,” said IHME Director Dr. Christopher Murray warned. “But the science is clear and the evidence is undeniable: wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and restricting social interactions can help prevent the spread of the virus.”

The IHME, partially funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was criticized in the early days of the epidemic. Optimistic predictions About the progress of the Pandemic, which has been widely circulated as evidence that President Donald Trump and his team are controlling the US for COVID-19 – it has proven wrong.

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“If personal mask use and other mitigation measures continue unabated, 2.8 million people will die,” Murray’s team said.

In each IMHE model, the countries that want to lose the most people are India and the United States.

Currently, the United States reports more than 188,000 deaths out of 6.2 million confirmed cases – the world’s leading figures, Showing latest NBC news numbers.

The U.S. accounts for a quarter of the more than 26 million cases. One-fifth of 870,000 deaths worldwide. Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard.

Brazil is next with 124,614 deaths. 68,472 people on the dashboard.

According to the IHME release, their situation “represents a significant increase over the current total death toll, which is estimated at 910,000 worldwide.” “The pandemic is following seasonal patterns similar to pneumonia, which means that countries in the northern hemisphere are likely to become sock again as the weather cools.

“People in the northern hemisphere should be especially careful as winter approaches, because the corona virus, like pneumonia, is more common in colder climates,” Murray said.

A spokesman for the World Health Organization said in July that the epidemic was not seasonal but a big wave.

“This virus loves all weathers.” Dr. Margaret Harris said.

Among other COVID-19 developments:

  • The U.S. economy created 1.4 million jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 8.4 percent – down from 10 percent since the outbreak. “Great job numbers!” Trump boasted in a tweet. Economists were less impressed, NBC News reported. “We have had three big months of job gains, but so far we have recovered less than half of the losses in March and April,” said Dan North, a senior economist at Euler Hermis North America. “The job gains so far are probably the easiest to achieve, where a business will reopen and bring back its employees.”

  • FBI and state investigators Raided a Pennsylvania nursing home Hundreds of staff and staff members who tested positive for the corona virus died Thursday. Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. Located northeast of Pittsburgh, it was flagged for dangerous conditions long before the Pandemic, NBC News reported in April.

  • Florida bans local health officials from releasing detailed information about new COVID-19 cases in public schools Orlando Sentinel Reported. The newspaper discovered this while questioning a state health officer in Orange County about “the first possible case of student-teacher broadcasting.” Raul Pino said. A spokesman for Orange County Public Schools said it would continue to provide public information on communicable diseases. Schools Recently reopened The state is raising thousands of new cases every day in the face of protests from teachers who say they are being forced to work in unsafe conditions. It is alleged that the Florida Department of Health censored the data A whistle blows the blower. The agency denied the allegations.
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