The research ship is nuclear power – and can accommodate hundreds of people

The research ship is nuclear power - and can accommodate hundreds of people

The wide sphere of the boat will have 13 floors. The bizarre research ship will be the first at sea with a salt-melting reactor.

The Earth 300 is meant to tap all other research ships at your fingertips. The strange idea was devised by a company called Ides Yacht in Mallorca.

The propulsion energy must be in a small salt melting reactor (MSR), where the salt acts as a refrigerant, writes Ides Yacht on the ship’s website.

The design can be compared to a floating divan with a large sphere on the flat side. The ship is 300 meters long, 46 meters wide and 60 meters high. The ship, called the “Science Sphere”, has 13 floors.

The ship will have much more advanced equipment than previous research ships, including quantum computers, to evaluate real-time data and utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Photo: Land 300

Scientists seem to enjoy it more than scientific instruments.

“We believe researchers deserve to be considered as rock stars because they are,” Ides Yacht writes on its website.

The board has a capacity of about 400 people, including 240 researchers and guests and a team of 165 people. There are 22 laboratories on board.

The plan is to launch the Earth 300 by 2025. Although the design and nuclear operation may raise skepticism, the whole idea seems to have generated some waves. Accordingly Medium It has already attracted investors and garnered some support from a number of major companies, including IBM.

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