The renovation will turn half of the bath “Ovcha Kupel” into a scientific center – Bulgaria

The renovation will turn half of the bath "Ovcha Kupel" into a scientific center - Bulgaria

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Sofia Municipal Council has approved the renovation of the mineral bath “Ovcha Kupal” to be carried out by BGN for 7.6 million. This value is highlighted in the report of the new Deputy Mayor of Culture Miroslav Borzos on the implementation of the project. This Cash 4.46 million Provided by Sofia Municipality. The remaining funds are under the OP “Science and Education for Smart Growth” (NSSI).

His predecessor, Prof. Ashok. Todor Chobanov opened a public tender for the same project in February, but BGN raised 3.55 million. Chobanov himself terminated it on April 13 due to procedural inconsistencies. It is not clear how the new, high cost borne by the municipality was calculated.

“It is not clear how and where SOC should allocate 4.46 million BGN,” BSP’s Alosha Dakov said. The session was attended by those who submitted the Borzos report, but no one answered him, and experts from Sofia University and the Museum of History of Sofia were invited, who are the beneficiaries of Nerd.

There are two types of funding for quantitative and value-added accounts – European money will be used to establish excellence (scientific) in the bathroom building, and in the municipality – the biological section, suggested by BSP councilor Milka Histova.

53% of the building will be for biology and the other 47% will be for the center, as the two zones will be in synergy with each other, explained Simeon Colev from GERB.

Boris Bonev: Acquiring European funds is a priority

“An action program has some money, and we can assimilate it by building a center of scientific excellence, not because citizens need mineral water,” Boris Bonev from Save Sofia concluded. The term for the “alignment and renovation of the building” is December 31, 2023. If this does not happen, the BGN under OP NOIR will lose 3.3 million.

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Mineral bath corridor "Sheep bath"

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Corridor in the mineral bath “Ovcha Kupel”

This European program restricts only 20% of investment to economic use, as it stimulates science rather than commercial activity. This will seriously reduce the opportunity for citizens to visit the restored bathroom. The limitation period is 15 years from 2023.

Scientific laboratories will be located in the Arctic space and will not utilize even this 20% of the permitted commercial activities but will be given to the Ballonological, said Prof. Sfia, a computer scientist at the University of St. Clement Ohridowski. Olia Harisanova explained. Part.

Will Ovcha Kupal Bathroom repeat the fate of the Central Bath?

Marta Giorgieva of Democratic Bulgaria said the biggest danger was that the fate of the Ovcha Kupal Bath Central Mineral Bath would not be repeated. They recalled that its restoration was initially presented as an adaptation and restoration, and then half of the building became the Sofia’s History Museum, and on the other hand, after several years of domestic protests against the museum’s expansion, balnology was probably restored.

The contract for the construction of the “scientific part” of the “Ovcha Kupel” bath is the Authority Sofia’s History Museum. The plan to renovate and restore the bathroom has been approved by the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage (NIICH) with clear terms and conditions for the restoration of mineral water activities. Veneta Hodgeska commented. The two areas of the building will have separate entrances, which will not interfere. Balnology will be on the first floor and the Center of Excellence will be on the second and third floors.

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Boros’ report was approved by the SOC using the GRB, the IMRO and parts of “Democratic Bulgaria”. The requested BGN will be allocated from the municipal budget of 4.46 million for 2022 and 2023.

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