The remains of 215 children were found from a Catholic school in Canada. Pope: “Shocking, shining light”

Papa Francesco, Sicilia, Cronaca

Pope Francis has not been silent on Canada’s “shocking discovery” 215 of the remains of minor natives In a graveyard at a school run by the Catholic Church in British Columbia. In fact, in addition to expressing “pain” and “intimacy”, he addresses the “shocking news” by asking for “cooperation” between political and religious authorities to “shed light” on what happened. Canada I painfully follow the shocking news from Canada The remains of 215 students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School were found, In the province of British Columbia സിൽ, said in Pontif Angeles.

I join the Canadian Bishops and the entire Catholic Church in Canada in expressing my condolences to the Canadian people who have been shocked by the shocking news, ”he continued. According to the pope, “the saddest discovery raises awareness of the pain and suffering of the past.” “Let the political and religious authorities in Canada cooperate with the determination to shed light on that sad story and to humbly submit to a journey of reconciliation and healing,” he said. “These difficult moments – Francis continues – strongly represent the reminder to all of us, to walk away from the colonial paradigm and to stay away from today’s ideological colonialism, through dialogue, mutual respect, and recognition of the rights and cultural values ​​of all daughters and sons in Canada and Canada.” He prays for Canadian indigenous families and communities in pain, “Let us pray silently,” he told the faithful in St. Peter’s Square.

The horrific discovery provoked outrage in Canada and other parts of the world. The church maintained Kamloops for the government from 1890 to 1969. The school is one of several colleges established over a century ago to welcome and educate the children of the natives. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls this story the most embarrassing chapter in the history of his country, Turned to the Catholic Church to clarify and “take responsibility” for decades of abuse, with the aim of erasing their roots in the colleges that have brought up generations of indigenous children, and luring them into domination. Culture. Trudeau declared that the Ottawa government was prepared to take “severe measures”, including any legal action, to obtain the necessary documents and evidence for the families of the victims if the church did not co-operate and publish all documents in its possession. . 150,000 children and adolescents were enrolled in 139 residential schools, including Inuit and Metis. Yesterday, at the Vatican, the Pope met with two Canadian cardinals working on the bodies of the Holy See, Michael Cerny and Mark Ovallet. Ivan Zurkovich, currently the UN observer in Geneva. His response today does not allow him to hesitate to make a full statement about the abuse and misconduct in church-run schools. In a statement on May 31, the Canadian bishops also expressed their “deep sorrow” and reaffirmed their commitment to the country’s tribal communities.

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