The reliability of a generation in the climate

The reliability of a generation in the climate

Each generation has its own slogans, tomorrow’s challenges, slogans and leaders. An irreversible crisis for the adults and youth of tomorrow, along with the devastating effects of humanity; And recognized as real intermediaries in negotiated formal negotiations between governments. Because, as in this case, their future will never be in danger.

For this reason, I believe the criticisms, paternity or boring looks of good character associated with this movement by some, because of its warfare, have a new character and more ambition than goals. Simple “protest.

The proposals described in Milan will be brought to Cop26 in Glasgow, a historic opportunity to define the latest technical rules for the operation of the Paris Agreement, a mechanism for monitoring and examining commitments to reduce emissions (transparency). Cooperative arrangements to ensure more desirable action against climate change. At that point, no real and, of course, an introductory effort is needed to ensure that youth participation in decision-making processes takes shape.

Activists demand more: but in “Blah blah blah” against the inaction of governments as uttered by Greater Thanberg, there is not only a critique of politics, but also a request for a central and active role in the decisions that have really been made. In this sense, the criticisms of those who oppose the approach taken for the Milan event, such as the Irish representative Savoy O’Connor, can only be understood, based on a document already written. In short, children do not want to be inside a fence, because they must recognize not only the acute sense of urgency, but also the need for special skills. For this reason, the words of those who criticize them do not correspond to a commitment, which is clearly not one of protest.

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Boys is a nation that wants to participate in discussions that determine their future, and it is wrong to underestimate it or to degrade it into a container that guarantees the classic generation of protest with few ideas and many slogans. This movement requires a global approach, the ability to hold together the climate emergency and the fight against inequality, and a new approach and effort to learn how to view prejudices with new eyes. Vanessa Nakata, a young and talented Ugandan activist, made it clear how the effects of global warming on the poorest regions of the world can have dramatic effects on the earth, the agricultural sector on which we depend, the economy, on life, on people, and even on the unthinkable. Climate change in Africa is already here and still is. We need to increase the contribution of poor countries to the fight against climate change. Calling climate justice for this generation is not a slogan, it is a programmatic platform to deal with the near future. To this end, it is essential to bring the concepts of climate education, climate justice, loss and damage as a fundamental component of civil rights in schools, along with the potential to give young people a voice.

We have the opportunity to avoid the worst, young people can suggest solutions, but we must find a balance between climate change and social stability, which should not be translated into voluntary declarations or withdrawn to the cry: it will cost too much, it cannot be done. The fact is that the conference highlights a new political dynamism based on awareness of the relationship between human health and the ecosystem, which we must see without the wrong kindness. Infectious disease is a desire that comes and goes from those who are most punished and those who inevitably have to talk politics.

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