The regular team on the second day of the Six Nations tournament

The regular team on the second day of the Six Nations tournament

15 Bryce Dulin (France)

The French back does not look so comfortable on the France team. Bryce Dullin was the best of the high balloons captured by Irish gunmen. His kicking game also comforted the team, and he was instrumental in replacing Damien Penard well on the second attempt. In the first period, he defended the tough situation by bravely facing winger James Lowe.

14 Louis Reese-Summit (Wales)

He is only 20 years old but he already has it all Contest winner This is essential for Wales, the winner in Scotland (25-24). Louis Reese-Summit has played a great game so far. But he won the game for the team through a personal achievement, where he knocked out all the Scots in the race after the over-kicking game.

13 Owen Watkin (Gallus)

Owen Watkin is not the Welshman who has touched the most balls or the brightest man on Murrayfield. But what defensive intensity from the center of the Red Devils! Although his team had very little possession, he focused brilliantly on dark tasks and faced twelve Scottish players, more than any quarterback in the game.

12 Chris Harris (Scotland)

Scottish Whispers Stuart Hogg and Darcy Abraham play against Wales. But if they’ve got enough balls to play, they owe it to Chris Harris, who never stopped working for the Welsh defense. Three-quarters of Chardonnay advanced so far that he was able to make room for the arrows in the back triangle, focusing on his opponents.

10 Fin Russell (É Cos)

The Scottish opener had plenty of balls to tap against Wales. He wisely used his kicking play to become the best (237m). But Finn Russell also often attacked the line and provoked the defense. His incredible pass in the final act deserved a great result.

9 Antoine DuPont (France)

Antoine DuPont has not crossed the pitch in Dublin. While he seems to be in more trouble, as in the case of Ireland, the scrum-half still shines. He was instrumental in the experiment of Charles Olivone and was also the author of two of the greatest controversies of the second period. He is the one who digs the winning ball after playing seventeen Irish.

Gregory Aldrit escapes Irish defense. (B. Stickland / Team)

8 Gregory Aldrit (France)

His competition in Ireland is at the height of his best performances in the Blue. Gregory Aldritt was ubiquitous in the fight, snatching a ball, handling it and getting precious meters. In one “Men’s Competition”, dixit Galthié, No. 8 felt like a fish in water.

7 Charles Olivone (France)

The Blues captain himself admitted that he needed a great performance to reassure himself. Charles Olivone reacted mainly against Ireland. Beyond the Tests, for the eighth time in his career at the Blu-ray, Flancker increased significantly on defense (20 tackles). He ended the meeting by fielding the best attackers on the French side, as happened in Italy last week.

5 Paul Willemsey (France)

What an activity! The second tier of South African descent handled everything green at the start of the match against fifteen clubs. At the end of seventeen tackles, the author, Paul Willems, weighed in on the achievement and would have been decisive even if he hadn’t messed up two balls near the last line.

4 Ian Henderson (Ireland)

Ian Henderson wore the captain’s glove for the first time on the national team against France. The Irishman was at work. At the start of the match he first opposed a French clearance and then contacted the opponents. Before heading out for a shock, he slowed the exits and weighed in on the Rex.

Kyle Sinclair, at the heart of the fight against Italy.  (L. Gexo / Sports Press)

Kyle Sinclair, at the heart of the fight against Italy. (L. Gexo / Sports Press)

3 Kyle Sinclair (England)

Kyle Sinclair, who missed last week due to suspension, has returned to the England squad against Italy. He quickly found his bearings on the right side of the first row. The pillar was solid in a closed frame. After all, he brought his strength to break the Italian front curtain, and the team decided to use the power of the forwards to the top.

2 Julian Marchand (France)

If he was unhappy with the contact, the Blues’ hooker was terrible in the game. He carried the ball and followed him twice. His post-contact pass proved to be important in the work that led to the first French experiment.

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