The regular team of the season with five Frenchmen

The regular team of the season with five Frenchmen

Four days after Stade Toulouse’s (22-17) victory over La Rochelle in the Champions Cup final, the tournament’s organizer, the EPCR, unveiled their regular squad for the season.

XV, selected based on Opta statistics, gives French clubs the pride of place (they are five in the quarter-finals, three in the semi-finals and therefore two in the final). Less than eleven delegates out of the top 14!

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The third in the team has a tricolor meaning, with the presence of Jeffrey Domiro, Gregory Aldrit (La Rochelle), Antoine DuPont, Cyril Baile (Toulouse) and Matthew Jalibert (Bordeaux-Bugles).

Unhappy finalist La Rochelle is better represented on this regular team than the (4) winner Toulouse (3).

In the midst of this French ubiquity, only the English (2 players) and the Irish of Leinster (2) of the extension can withdraw from the game.

By selecting and deleting, we notice the absence of Toulouse Hooker Julian Marouchand or his colleague Center Pita Ahki.

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