The rate of record incidence, where is the highest epidemic in Europe?

The rate of record incidence, where is the highest epidemic in Europe?

Western Europe has been the epicenter of the epidemic since the advent of the omega-3 variant. France has less than 3,000 cases per million inhabitants

After Eastern Europe in early November, Central Europe in late November and early December, countries in southern and western Europe recorded the highest rate of incidents since mid-December. Also, according to the data collected, In these countries, until January 5, 2022, the rate of events is still increasing.

The number of new daily Kovid-19 cases per million inhabitants (average over the last seven days) is approaching 5,000 in Cyprus. This is the highest rate in Europe at 4,855.

In many other countries, the population exceeds 3,000 cases per million population. This is the case in Ireland (3,927), Greece (3,493), Denmark (3,222) and Montenegro (3,111).

In France (2,934), the United Kingdom (2,681), Spain (2,412), Portugal (2,386), Italy (2 134) or Switzerland (2 103) there are more than 2,000 cases per million residents in an average of 7 days.

In Germany, which had more than 600 new cases per day and one million inhabitants on December 6, there were 330 on December 27, 2021. By January 5, 2022, the average number of cases per day had risen to 440 in 7 days. .

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