The rally was seen live, with a completely different story

The rally was seen live, with a completely different story

Raise your hand if you have ever seen – on TV, on the web or on social media – gorgeous crashes of rally cars. Not knowing how beautiful the rally experienced from the side of the track was, avoiding accidents, who wrote this for you! Yes, because there is no one behind those mistakes Stuntman And not even a script.

Ford guests, we stayed there Rally Italy SardiniaItalian stage World Rally Championship (WRC) Organized by the Italian Automobile Club in association with the Sardinia Region. Overall they were controversial 19 special steps In between AlgeroHome of Rally Headquarters and Service Park, e Olbia. Here he lifted the Estonian cup of Hyundai Ott Thanak and Martin Jarvija. With them on the podium, Craig Breen and Paul Nagel Puma of M-Sport Danny Sordo and Candido Carrera with Hyundai. The Irish won the only Test of the Tempio Pousania 2, but they made no mistake, always holding the top spot at the end of each. Scratch. Driving skills allowed the two to combine excellent performances, thus finishing second.

M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally 1

Congratulate the world’s most accomplished pilots live

We are talking about something real Elite. Pilots capable of going beyond human limits. How do you define those who are caught hundreds of meters there? The speed limit is 193 km / h On a semi-pad road the width of a single vehicle, where tractors typically travel at speeds of over 20 miles per hour? I’m sure no one on the track will ever lose their control. Consciously, Security at motorsport has made great strides And the rally is nothing else. Engines (now plug-in hybrids), tire compounds, and absorbent safety cages Shock Without deformation. Technologies that allow these young drivers to hold their pedalsThrottle Kick-down There they would break their cars off the ground (not to say that).

A rock in Mickey’s jump

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