The queen gives hope when our politicians turn away

The queen gives hope when our politicians turn away

These are the Queen’s peers – like her and the Duke of Edinburgh, who lived through a turbulent century.

As Wilfred Owen said, they have experienced war and sympathy. Yet, in their evenings, their sense of duty does not diminish.

This Sunday morning was not only a detailed reminder of our past, but also a reflection of our present.

In the desolate Perlius of Whitehall, where the streets echoed empty more than the promise of a politician, it was her majesty that was noticed without a word.

Our Prime Minister, who has traditionally offered a wreath at the tomb, would do well to reflect on the depth of public love and respect for the Church of Windsor against suspicion and hostility to the Church in Westminster.

The Queen can count on our loyalty because she won our trust. She is unwavering and consistent. We also know that they will always put the best interests of the country first. Can the same be said of those who govern us?

The time has come for Boris Johnson and his cabinet to collect exactly such things.

We are fighting for our lives and livelihood in the face of a deadly virus. Our political class needs to highlight that our wartime attitude persists while we pay our respects to those killed and buried.

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