The quantum leap in cyberwar requires someone to defend them

The quantum leap in cyberwar requires someone to defend them

Eventually it started raining. This is a summary of the current situation from the perspective of cyber security. As can be easily predicted, we are seeing a dizzying growth in the quantity and quality of cyber attacks. An extraordinary event that acted as an accelerator (pandemic) and a widespread unification trend (digitization in the forced stages of anything) that some now define as the current situation is called “cyber warfare”. What affected us the most was, “Sooner or later it had to happen.” However, in the midst of our national crisis, the alarm raised in the Netherlands is even more worrying, indicating that the system is under unprecedented pressure when security companies announce that they will not be able to handle all incoming requests there.

In fact, if we are to retreat for the last twelve months, we have witnessed an unprecedented crescent, some of which must be remembered.
The most important events.

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First, the solar winds case. By the end of 2020, updates to the network management software developed by Solar Winds revealed that Microsoft, Fire Eye (the largest cyber security operator), and several U.S. government agencies had been violated. This revelation leads one to believe that the victims are thousands of organizations or users of the product. The attack was silent and aimed at extracting information, indicating that it was the work of a group. “State sponsored”And ends at China Bay. This is the normal case supply chain. In other words, the first target is a large IT service provider, but the real target is all its client companies. Louder, but no difference in models, was the attack on Casey last July. This is another big IT operator, but this time there are no spies aiming to steal the information, but the money is from a group called Revel, a Russian-based group. So the attack that is being carried out is of a kind ransomware The criminal community, aware of the nature of its exploitation, is demanding a “collective” ransom of $ 70 million in Bitcoin. Accurately known “economic” attacks represent 95% of all known attacks that have more or less devastating consequences for victims worldwide.

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In our country, the most notable victims were Enel and Campari, who received $ 14 and $ 15 million in requests, respectively. Laxotica has no other choice, in the last quarter of 2020. In 2021, before reaching the Lazio region, the Irish health system said it would pay $ 11 million for a series of attacks involving meat processing giant JBS, but above all the colonial pipeline. The largest East Coast pipeline in the United States has closed precautionarily ransomware Introduced on the corporate network. Employees also decided to shut down industrial management systems so as not to compromise themselves. The relationship ended with the payment of about $ 5 million in ransom. The colonial pipeline, the Irish health system and the Lazio region at first had a great resonance because they affected what are commonly called critical infrastructure. In fact, this category includes all organizations that provide services that fail to have detrimental effects on the “real” life of citizens. There have been other cases in the past, remember how it spread in 2017? Malware Vanakrai blocked a large part of the British health care system, and before that, in 2015, the spread of the black energy virus in the management systems of the Ukrainian power grid had left 80,000 families in Kiev in the dark. The big difference is the time scale, because so far the number of attacks involving critical infrastructure has been relatively low, but instead this 2021 marks a turning point, which brings us back to a starting point to some extent.

Accelerated digitization increases attack surfaces, and integration between common computer networks and industrial networks makes them the vessels of communication Malware They can spread to both, and contagion and the resulting smart activity have increased access points to the organization’s systems.

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