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The PSNI leader is under increasing pressure from unionist politicians

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Northern Ireland Police Chief Simon Byne is expected to increase pressure from union politicians to review police services in South Armagh when he attends the Police Council on Thursday.

DUP Finance Minister Gordon Lyons on Wednesday demanded the resignation of the police chief. Its leader, Jeffrey Donaldson, said Mr Lyons had spoken out on behalf of the party, although the police chief had not called for his resignation.

He told reporters that he intended to present his views directly to Byrne at a special meeting on Thursday, believing the police chief had lost the confidence of trade unionists.

The Northern Ireland Police Service released a 170-page review of the South Armage on Tuesday, making 50 recommendations to address the issues of ‘widespread faith, confidence, the influence of the past’ and ‘style and tone’. Of the area police.

Donaldson said he was deeply concerned about his party’s proposals and that it was “very clear” that many aspects of the report did not have the support or approval of the union.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

The Ulster Federal Party also expressed concern and demanded a detailed explanation from the police chief.

Northern Justice Minister Naomi Long justified Mr Byrne, saying the police chief had made it clear that action should be taken to build trust across the community.

“I think union leaders have a responsibility to make time and place for this,” he said. I do not think that constantly calling for his resignation is a good way to build confidence in his leadership. ”

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Sinn Fin and SDLP welcomed the report, calling it “too late.”

However, Unionist politicians condemned some of the proposals, including the closure of the Cross Maglen police station and “the need for the police to relocate police monuments from public places and public buildings at the station to the agreed location on the main roads.”

They also criticized the recommendation that a joint bilateral North-South police agreement should be explored instead of parallel policing between PSNI and Angardo Sochana, which should allow the “minimum” “heat” to cross the border. “Find out among the police authorities.

Shin Fenn’s response

Connor Murphy, the MP for Sinn Fin, said: “This immediate response has been incomprehensible to me throughout my life. They really need to grow.

Ulster Federal Assembly member Mike Nisbett said the proposal to explore the relocation of police monuments was “unacceptable” and that he intended to question Mr. Byrne at a police council meeting about what he meant by “joint”. Police recall the “Garda Sochana and the checkpoints that appeared” problems. “.

In a letter to Jim Alistair, the leader of the traditional trade union voice, he demanded his resignation and described the report as a “new low”, “representing a vicious policy of encouraging the police and deep drainage when asked to hide the monuments of slain officers.” In the eyes of the public.

The police chief had demanded the resignation of some trade unionists after Sinn Fin politicians who attended the funeral of former IRA member Bobby Story announced they would not do the job. .

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The police chief on Wednesday evening assured that “any operation will not remove the monuments of dead colleagues from the police station” and will provide further details on the matter and other issues raised in the report. At Thursday’s meeting. Police Council.

Separately, Donaldson is scheduled to meet with Tannist on Thursday and meet with politicians and business leaders as part of Leo Varadkar’s two – day visit to the North.

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