The protester who stole the scene during the U.S. Capitol attack is a well-known member of Quanon

Jake Angeli, 32, who took part in the occupation of the Capitol building in Washington on Wednesday (6), cries along with other protesters.  Photo: Win MCNAMEE / AFP

A protester stands among supporters of President Donald Trump during a rally in the U.S. capital, Dantes, on Wednesday afternoon. The assembly headquarters was attacked: Jake Angeli, wearing a fur coat with trivial but horns and black gloves, walked through the halls of Congress with a spear, from which he hung the American flag and sat on the Senate presidency as the winner.

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During her “performance” Angeli posed for several photos, which quickly became a hit on the networks and led to many memes. But more than a joke, the 32-year-old tattooed man is one of Cunningham’s best known faces, a conspiracy theorist. He gained a foothold in American politics during the Trump administration.

Like many other such theories, QAnon appeared in a forum known as 4chan, widely used by far-right groups. One of the group’s pillars is the belief that “a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles control the world,” said Travis Vue, an American author who studies the movement and podcasts on the subject. In an interview with Globo in August.

Since at least 2019, Angeli has staged demonstrations in front of Arizona State Assembly headquarters, shouting about several conspiracy theories, which are related to Quanon’s broader beliefs, reports the local newspaper Arizona.

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In an interview with the same newspaper, Angeli said she wore a horny fur coat, painted her face, walked around in a shirt and pants to draw people’s attention to QAnon’s beliefs and other truths.

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In February 2020, he led a crowd waiting outside a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. In his famous dress, he held up a makeshift sign and said, “Q sent me,” and then asked if people knew about the goosebumps. Many said yes.

“The snowball is rolling and getting bigger,” Angeli said at the time. – We’re in the mainstream right now.

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