The prosecution believes that punishment is necessary to protect democracy

The prosecution believes that punishment is necessary to protect democracy

Jamie Raskin, Head of Democratic Prosecutors Donald Trump’s impeachment trial ended on Thursday, February 11, two days after he was indicted. “General meaning”. This loan Pamphlet by Thomas Payne (1737-1809) was a call to speak on the basis of the elements patiently passed on to the audience from an elected official in Maryland. In his opinion, they demonstrate its reality “Motivation for riot” The former president has been blamed for the January 6 attack on the US Congress by some loyalists. Prior to the attack, he invited his followers to march on the Capitol.

House of Representatives prosecutors had a duty to liaise with each other. The reckless sponsor of a coup attempt without prejudice in American history, the former president went out of its way, in the months leading up to this abyss, with a heap of elements to charge. Dozens of messages and several speeches posted on Twitter made it possible to recreate the trap “The big lie”According to the prosecution, which ended Jan. 6 against the president and his followers.

The impossibility of proving that the November 3 presidential election was rigorous, the fatigue of legal solutions, and the resistance of leaders in critical states to his pressures to reform the results led Donald Trump to “Chief Instigator”, The worst condition in the eyes of prosecutors. “Do not start with flames, as fire is extinguished. Donald Trump believes his followers are the only way to lose is to collect Tinder, Kinder and logs together for months and steal the winners. So, if he loses, President Trump is ready to hit the race., Summarized by Eric Swallow (California).

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“Trump sent us”

On the very first day of the certification of the results, before the unfortunate day, the prosecution explained its activism in order to mobilize its base to lead to Congress. As the time came for her supporters to destroy the heartbeat of American democracy, she compared her energy to inaction. The second was not rigorous or part of the evidence. “Trump sent us”, “We care about Trump”, “We are waiting and taking orders from our president,” he said. Testimonials collected by Diana Diget (Colorado).

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