The professor succeeded on the internet through self-talk videos | Education

The professor succeeded on the internet through self-talk videos |  Education

Videos of American Professor Matthew Wethers showing up in the classroom have been a hit on YouTube, and It has about 1 billion views On the platform. That’s what sets it apart in content The teacher interacts with himself in simple but fun productions.

To do this, Weathers shoots and edits videos so that the recorded version speaks to his true nature in the classroom.

Productions from a simple video Shared with students in an online class Towards a more elaborate construction with pop culture references, they are not only part of the pedagogical material, but also ensure a good laugh for the students.

“It simply came to our notice then. g1.

One of the videos, especially made on April 1st, known as April Fools’ Day, was released in 2017 He collects over 125 million views on his channel. In it, the teacher accidentally writes the original version on the classroom projection screen and has his recorded version to help correct the error. (See below).

The professor forms a joke and appears in a double dose in a room in the USA

Weathers attributed the success of the video to the popular references he used in the edit. “I’m found that a lot of people like Star Wars and a lot of people like cats, so I thought: ‘Why not use it in the video?’ That’s what I did, ”he explains.

“In the early years, film students taking my math classes helped me with videos, but in recent years, I decided I wanted to learn how to use my own editing programs. Still, I always had help recording and editing videos, “he explains.

Currently, Weathers is a part-time professor and head of the Department of Digital Learning at Biola University in California. So, there is no more time for productions, it will take About 20 hours to prepare.

However, the content he had already published on the Internet earned him little recognition.

“A man from Jordan [país do sudoeste asiático] They invited me to watch my videos and attend a conference there and make a special video for them. So I went to Jordan to thank my videos and attend a technical event.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the monetization of videos on YouTube, the teacher still makes a profit from the production. “It’s not enough to just make me rich, it’s help me to spend a comfortable vacation,” he jokes.

According to Matthew, there is a general stage in the making of his videos, but it depends on what he wants the final product to look like. It may be more productive or simpler.

First, you need to know the scale at which the video is displayed, whether it will be used on a projector or a computer screen, for example. This can affect the elements used in a book-like scene or the level of “physical” interaction between characters.

  1. Write the script and define the lines for each character. What the teacher is doing in this section is highlighting the dialog and applying the most complex lines to the recording video. That way, he can re-record and memorize only simple sentences if needed.
  2. Record the part of the intervention that appears. Here he reminds you that it is important to leave enough space between the lines so that you can respond when the original version is shown.
  3. Review the recorded material and re-record if necessary. In this section, it is necessary to review whether the intervals are at the appropriate time and whether the elements in the scene are well placed.
  4. Complete editing if needed. Weathers does not always edit his videos, and some rely solely on verbal interaction between their versions. During his post-production, he uses Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. In the case of the April Fools’ Day video, the teacher used the primer to record his computer screen while performing the actions that appear in the video, complete with after effects to place specific elements.
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“It’s complicated, but it’s really simple. It’s important to see how it changes. It does not have to be full of editing, it just serves the purpose.

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