The Pope begins work for the Synod and calls for a different and open church

Papa inicia trabalhos do Sínodo e pede Igreja diferente e aberta

Non-Vatican Pope Francis

Vatican City, Oct 9 (IANS) Pope Francis began work on Saturday (9) for the inaugural session of the 16th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, calling for a “different” church to overcome “vertical, distorted and partial views”. With a more open mind and conversation.

“When it comes to a synodal church, we can not be satisfied with the form, but we need materials, tools and structures that are conducive to dialogue and interaction between God’s people, especially the clergy and the laity,” Pontiff told hundreds of participants.

Francis resisted the structural change to a church as “an open space where everyone, including women, can feel and participate at home.”

Religion was reflected at the beginning of the Synod of Bishops, which was attended by believers, believers and members of the Roman Curia from around the world, and introduced three “key words”: “Fellowship, Partnership”, and “Mission”.

“Let the brothers and sisters pay attention to the hopes and crises of the faith in different parts of the world, to the urgency of the renewal of the pastoral life, and to the signs that come from local realities.

We have the opportunity to be a church nearby, ”he warned.

Jorge Bergoglio believes that the church should have an attitude of “compassion and tenderness” towards the community and establish “great ties of friendship.” “A church that does not retreat from life, but takes responsibility for the vulnerability and poverty of our time, and heals wounds,” he recommended.

The leader of the Catholic Church assured that “everyone is called to participate in the life and mission of the Church, otherwise, if all believers are not included, there is a danger that the Eucharist will remain for sacred purposes.”

“In this sense, we are making progress, but it still costs a little, and we are compelled to record the grievances and sufferings of many pastoral agents, dioceses, parishes, partners’ organizations and often women still around,” she warned.

For the pope, the practice of “characteristic of true participation” and “an indispensable commitment of the Church” must be promoted by all.

In addition, Francis urged the Synod not to succumb to “intellectualism” and “abstraction” and not to limit itself to “a kind of study group with cultured and abstract discourses on the problems of the Church and the world.”

“The Synod is not a Parliament, it is a referendum. The Synod is a Assembly moment. I assert that the Leader of the Synod is the Holy Spirit,” he declared.

The intervention called for overcoming the “stagnation” that leads to the adoption of “old solutions to new problems”. “This sentence is poisonous to the life of the church. Anyone who moves to this horizon, even without realizing it, makes the mistake of not taking our time seriously,” he warned.

In his opinion, “It is important that the Synodal Path is truly such that it is an ongoing process; at various stages and at the grassroots level, local churches participate in an exciting and inclusive work that embodies a style of communication and participation.

“Let the Holy Spirit come. You who raise new languages ​​and put the words of life on our lips, save us from becoming a museum church with a past and a small future, a lot of past and little future.

The 16th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will last until October 2023, preceded by an unprecedented consultation process and the first diocesan and continental conferences in a decentralized manner. (ANSA)

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