The poodle plays with the remote control and buys pornographic images worth 70 euros

The poodle plays with the remote control and buys pornographic images worth 70 euros

With new ways to enjoy and buy entertainment, you can take risks. Even on a remote control with very sensitive keys. Even with the dog on the sofa to play with, if it is true that there is “parental control” to protect small children from visions inappropriate for their age, there is still no “dog owner control”, or as it could be. The dog in the house should be called to prevent him from acting foolishly. Maybe that’s why American Thomas Barnes had to pay a consideration bill of 70 euros in dollars to buy pornographic films ordered by his poodle Marino, left on the sofa with the remote control. Paw.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the dog inadvertently signed up for a subscription to Hustler, a premium semi-hardcore pornographic TV channel, by pressing random buttons. Barnes’ phone call to the satellite provider was futile, and he rushed to cancel the purchase moments after the crime: he explained it was a mistake and the operator assured him the problem would be fixed. But only later did he realize that the channel was still on: here was the 70 euro bill for the Hustler channel.

A lengthy debate ensued as Barnes insisted on not paying for his dog’s subscription to the channel. He only paid the balance according to the amount of the subscription. Result: disruption of entire service.

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