The polo show encounters jumping – the first few days in Verdon’s hands

The polo show encounters jumping - the first few days in Verdon’s hands

Irish RV Aller-Weser rider Jack O’Donoghue dominated the two opening jumps at Polo.

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Reatsport Hagen-Grinden EV kicked off Wednesday with polo club Hagen-Grinden in a traditional tournament that combines show jumping with polo. Horseback riding at the Hagen-Grinden tournament site continues until Sunday, with extensive Level S * trials. The tournament is international with riders from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland and Russia.

Verdon – Jack O’Donoghue wins first two Tests The Irishman, who started for the RV Aller-Weser, won the match point (Messenger x MV Sandro Boy) at A * level in the first division of the opening competition for young horses. The rider from the Birbhum stable scored 8.50 through five-year-old Hanovarian Zelding. O’Donoghue also finished third through his second horse, the Condo. The second part of this test went to his club colleague Nadine Wallers. She won with the film Orlando Mia (Orlando x MV Callato). Third place went to Amanda Isaacson and Odessa.

Nadine Wallers also celebrated her second victory of the day as she was also able to win the medium level jumping test for young horses. With Quantum (Qualito x MV Escudo)

Nadine Wallers, riding for the RV Aller-Weser, won the race with a grade of 8.80. Club colleague Oliver Rose, along with Otto de la Roche, finished third.

As mentioned, Jack O’Donoghue and Match Point also won the second race, the A ** class for young show jumpers. This time too, the couple scored 8.50. Contindo once again took third place. Other starters include RV Aller-Weser, Philippe B‌mgart, Mylene Nagel, Sissy Mercedes Castedello and Julie Mino Diederichsmeier.

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Mylene Diederichsmeier, who recently married Carsten-Otto Nagel, is now starting her own career, winning the L-Level Jumping Test for young horses. The rider from the RV Aller-Weser scored 8.50 with seven-year-old Meyer Macani (Messenger x MV Colibri). The first day of the competition featured the M * Level Jumping Horse Test. It went from Sweden to Wilma Edberg.

The next day of the tournament began with a double victory for the Boom Mogarts in the A ** class for young horses. Anabel B ബmmgart and Campari (Crumble x MV Cornet’s balloon) are ahead of Isali B ummാർgart and Hamburg. Isali also finished third in the L class with Hamburg. Linea Hemsoth was also able to expect a double victory. The young rider from the RV Aller-Weser won first and second place in the style jumping. Her pony won at midnight and a grade of 8.50. They got 8.30 with Eastwood’s Nico.

“The atmosphere is good and the situation is not going to be better. The environment was highly praised. All the active players and the organization team are doing well for the spectators for the final days, ”said tournament director Cassandra Mohar at the end of the second day of the match. kk

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