The police union said the signing of the diary in the name of the slain officer was a hate crime

The police union said the signing of the diary in the name of the slain officer was a hate crime

The head of the body, who represents ordinary Ireland police in Northern Ireland, has set up a board with the name of the police officer killed in the Republican arson “intended to intimidate” “hate crime”.

The name of Constable Kerr, who was killed by rebel Republicans in Umag in 2011, was clearly on the side of the fire.

Those mentioned also received threats, including PSNI police chief Simon Byne.

The Northern Ireland Police Service (PSNI) said it was reviewing documents obtained during the collection of evidence and would now review them to see if any crimes had been committed.

“Viewing this material is considered offensive and disgusting,” said lead moderator Darren Jones. “If any irregularities are found, the police will conduct a full investigation.”

Mark Lindsay, of the Police Federation and Northern Ireland (PFNI), attaches the names of Constable Ronan Kerr and other police officers working in the fires to “support the police” which is a “grave insult” to the police officer and “the vast majority of our community.”

“There is a tendency for fire on both sides of our society to become a vehicle for hate messages and we need to work with those responsible to eradicate this vicious system,” he said.

The burning of burning banners and other symbols, including flags and wreaths, was widely condemned by politicians.

British flags and union banners were hoisted at a large bonfire set up to celebrate the Catholic Assumption of the Virgin at Gallagher in Dell, Northern Ireland, before being burned on Sunday. Photo: Liam McBurney / PA Wire

DUP chief Jeffrey Donaldson told the BBC that burning such banners was “a hate crime, a criminal offense, so it will not be allowed.”

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He said he had spoken very clearly about the sparks around 12 and that it was wrong to engage in such activity. I encouraged people not to desecrate flags, posters and symbols.

It is absolutely frightening to think of the trouble, the wounds, and the pain that the name of the slain PSNI officer, Ronan Kerr, caused to his family by the fire.

“I would say to the police, we have to be less tolerant of this kind of behavior.”

Hate poster

Karen Mullen, the phone’s Sinn Fin MP, told Foil that the bonfire scenes were “shameful” and that it was time to put an end to this illegal hate fire.

She said such “demonstrations of religious fanaticism and hatred have no place in our society and they are not representative of the local community” and are “quite different from many of the great social events they have organized in this area”. [recent] Gucciard Festival “.

Democratic Party leader and Foil MP Colum Eastwood called it “disgusting” and said firefighters “do not represent the people of Derry with such hatred.”

Darren Gay, a member of the Ulster Federal Council, said the posters were “absolutely insulting” and asked, “Who really encourages these young people to display hateful banners?”

“We are almost frozen in burning flags in sparks,” he said. Education is the key to respecting the cultural traditions of all.

“As the flames slowly fade from this year’s fires, we must begin to deal with these issues, not June 2022.”

The galley fire in the dairy, adorned with poppy wreaths, union flags and associated banners, burns before Sunday. Photo: Liam McBurney / PA Wire

Poppy wreaths, Union and Israeli flags, and British military badges, including badges from the British Army Parachute Regiment, were attached to the bonfire in Menon Square in Bogside before the fire on Sunday evening.

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Members of the Umbrella Regiment are responsible for the killing of 13 civil rights activists on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972.

On Sunday, flags and similar symbols were displayed on top of another spark in Deri Galya district.

Bonfires are traditionally lit in the national areas of Derry on August 15 to celebrate the Catholic Assumption of the Virgin.

Introduction to Detention

The fires coincide with the August anniversary of his detention without trial during the unrest. This year, the building caught fire on the same weekend that trade union activists and loyalists attended the annual Dairy Boys Apprentice celebrations.

Republican and loyal firefighters continue to be a source of controversy in Northern Ireland.

The spark makers from both communities had previously provoked each other by burning symbols associated with the culture.

PSNI said there was a hint of a bogside fire threatening police officers and the public.

President Darren Jones said, “The presentation of this material is offensive and destructive.

“There was a process of gathering evidence in this incident and we will look into it now to determine if any crime has taken place. If anything goes wrong, a full police investigation will be carried out.

Anyone with information is invited to come forward. – P.A.

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