The plant with 226 Kovid cases has never been shut down

The meat industry and health authorities have been rocked by the revelation that there are 226 positive covid cases in a meat plant in Cork, but it has never been shut down, which poses a huge risk to health.

The meat industry and the HSE have failed to move faster to prevent plant explosions or to alert local communities, calling their actions “absolutely unacceptable.”

Sinn Fൻin Deputy Leader Pierce Doherty revealed the number of positive cases.

He asked why nothing was done and what was on the “meat baron” state.

Doherty said these barons are playing with people’s lives for the sake of profit. When testing at the plants was stopped last week, the capacity reached 72,000, not the one lakh limit.

In July, 226 cases were reported in connection with a plant.

“We understand that the plant is in Cork and has never been shut down,” he said.

“Yet last week the inspection of meat plants was stopped.

We learned yesterday about another explosion at a meat plant in Waterford, which is of great concern.

“At least 28 cases have been associated with this cluster, with more tests remaining, and the HSE’s infection control team is expected to be on the ground.”

Local media in Waterford reported earlier this week that workers from the plant were working on a 50-seat bus.

He said there are at least 44 clusters of meat plants across the state and there are at least 1,600 cases of Kovid-19 cases.

He said they were the main cause of localized lockdowns in Kildare, Laois and Ofali.

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Responding tennis player Leo Varadkar dismissed Mr Doherty’s concerns as “paranoid fantasy”.

“The deputy can create any kind of paranoid gossip theory he likes, but I assure you there is no message, nudity, suggestion or policy from the government to tell any public health official that meat factories should be treated with kid gloves. , ”He said sharply.

Varadkar said any decision to close a plant is taken only by the public health officials or the health and safety authority.

Tennis leo Varadkar, who defended the Kovid-19 testing regime, said this week had crossed an important milestone with a million tests.
Tennis leo Varadkar, who defended the Kovid-19 testing regime, said this week had crossed an important milestone with a million tests.

The tenant, who defended the Covid-19 testing regime, said he had crossed an important milestone this week with a million tests.

“When the inspection was suspended last week and there was a huge increase in the demand for the inspection, it was resumed last Monday,” he said.

But local politicians have expressed concern over the high number of cases.

Fine Gail Senator Tim Lombard, who has been seeking answers to the issue for weeks, said it would not be entirely acceptable to allow the meat industry and health authorities to have such a large cluster without informing the local community.

He said the questions he was asking had not been answered and that a “dangerous vacuum” had arisen.

Local Labor TD Sean Sherlock said: “The fact that there is no roast on Sunday should give people their lives.

The Department of Agriculture has a permanent residence in these plants.

We want a permanent HSE presence in police action. The lack of uncomfortable pay conditions still motivates people to continue working, which needs to be addressed.

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In response to questions from the Irish Examiner, HSE says it does not respond to personal cases or explosions and protects the privacy and confidentiality of those involved.

“Anyone involved in the healthcare system, including the Kovid-19 testing, tracking and tracking system, is completely confidential,” it said.

“The HSE-led National Oversight Group is closely monitoring the investigation and management of any explosions related to such plants.”

It is advisable to suspend production at the plant only if the public health risk assessment determines that it is necessary to protect public health.

More information will be released only when it is in the interest of protecting the health of the community, HSE said.

Meanwhile, Dublin County is preparing for a wide lockdown as public health officials recommend additional restrictions to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The National Public Health Emergency Team met Thursday. The inclusion of Dublin in the ‘Covid Level Three’ with more restrictions was discussed – this would further confuse the public.

The ‘tweaks’ suggest that travel to and from Dublin will be limited, with the latest Covid-19 figures showing.

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