The plane was intercepted by a human rights court

The plane was intercepted by a human rights court
From Claudio del Fret

Boeing already has seven refugees on its way to Africa when the Strasbourg decision is announced. Boris Johnson’s plan to relocate immigrants and protesters

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) A flight scheduled to depart last night was intercepted Transfer from the UK to Rwanda A group Asylum seekersIt is based on a plan that the government has long announced Boris Johnson. The second is intended Transfer refugee management to an African country Which shore is beyond the channel; But humanitarian organizations have always opposed the plan. One tears at the last minute Legal success that can now have serious consequences. However, for now the flight is only being suspended.

The Strasbourg judges’ stop has already come A group of immigrants (seven, of different nationalities) were already on board Boeing taking off from Bosecomb military base Near Salisbury. The departure was scheduled for Muthukuda 22.30 (local time) The expectations of those who are going to be subjected to forced extradition to Africa now seem to have evaporated: a few hours in court Earlier, it had rejected the appeal of some refugees. The protest of the movement is also worthless Stop deportations It blocked some exits at London airport Heathrow To prevent the entry of other immigrants. There were two protesters He was arrested by the police The British. Minister of External Affairs List Trust Insisting on a legal scheme and a Great value for money.

Our legal team is reviewing all decisions regarding this flight and preparations for the next flight are now underway, the UK Home Secretary said. Preity PatelAccording to reports from the BBC, he said it was “surprising” that the European Court of Justice had intervened despite repeated successes in the domestic courts. “I have always said that this policy is not easy to implement.

All the passengers on the plane They were immediately taken down After being informed of the court decision. Must have more than seven People fleeing Iran and Vietnam. Boris Johnson’s government does not seem ready to surrender. The Home Minister made this clear. Preity Patel, Points out that London is moving forward fearlessly On your own plane. This stage is unpredictable The long legal battle between London and Strasbourg.

On April 14, Boris Johnson announced the contract Signed with Rwanda to deport all immigrants who entered the UK illegally. Rwanda is one of the safest countries As his government signed a co-operation plan with Kigali, the Dynamics of Africa announced the Prime Minister on this occasion. 120 million pounds. That one Crossing channel On the other hand, it has become one of the busiest routes for immigrants: the second Frontex data for the first four months of 2022 More than 12,700 people have dropped out of legal channels, far more than any other Mediterranean route. .

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