The plan is to ensure security in the 2022 elections

The plan is to ensure security in the 2022 elections
There will be an election day on March 13, 2022 in Colombia.

Home Minister on February 28 Daniel Palacio announced the establishment of the National Commission for Coordination and Monitoring of Electoral Processes.CIPRAT, which includes the National Police, Army, Carlos Camargo, Ombudsman, EOM Director Alejandra Barrios, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Juliet de Rivero, Colombia’s Representative, and UN Director of Inspection Raul Rosende.

The Commission aims to coordinate and monitor the electoral process to take place in 2022. In addition, ensure the functioning of systems for monitoring and protecting elections.

For these elections, the national government has signed 13 departmental agreements for life and democracy, and is committed to ensuring the safety of candidates for Congress and the presidency.

Palacios said there were 19 candidates Presidency of the Republic They have protection and coordination with eviction campaigns when they move to rural areas or areas where public order is a priority.

This was done through campaigns that ensured that they could be mobilized across the national territory. We do not have the situation in Aurochia where candidates, even those up to one candidate for the victim’s seat, have been subjected to vehicle theft and presented in a retained candidate, other than those presented in the Norte de Santander today. ELN then released him. “

The head of the interior portfolio assured that Plan Agora II and Plan Democracy were working to ensure security in the elections of 678 Congress candidates and 403 candidates for victims. He also argued that 76% of the 55 municipalities in the country have priority, with state protection measures in place.

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“We continue to work closely with the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces, the Police and the National Protection Unit every day, to take immediate action on any request and any possible emergency situation,” he said. But the message is clear, today we have the Agora II project and the Democracy project, implemented and operated by over 210,000 people.Palacios Martinez pointed out.

In the face of warnings from alleged cybersecurity threats, Palacios said, “The role of the national government is to accompany the electoral body and provide it with the necessary guarantees and security measures. The election organization is independent and responsible for organizing the election process. That being said, we have put forward four National Guarantee Commissions, the next of which will be implemented in collaboration with political parties.

He added: “Now we have not received any concerns from the political parties in that commission, but we will develop one. The Minister of Communications will become a permanent assistant to the National Police Department to review all software and how it works, and to create cyber security conditions critical to the next election.

On the other hand, Minister Palacios said the National Guarantee Commission on March 1st Electoral will present agreements on national nonviolence and tolerance that have already been signed in Antioch, Coquetta, Amazonas, Magdalena, Casanare, Bogota, Norte de Santander, San Andres and Vicada Boyaka.Cauca, Choco, Sucre and soon President of the Republic.

Finally, Palacios assessed what the country would look like in terms of security and the government elements that should protect the election.

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“We have 470 armor uniforms in the country, and protection between men from the National Protection Unit and men from the National Police. We’re talking about about 1,600 men, 576 from the National Police, 1,169 from the UNP, 549 armored vehicles, 205 conventional vehicles, and a variety of supports. Today, however, more than 4,411 steps have been taken in the country, with 100% of the 19 candidates running for the presidency of the Republic having a protective measure, ”the home minister said.

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