The phone that was given for repair cost two lakhs; To avoid this type of situation, this company has launched maintenance mode feature Samsung has introduced maintenance mode for galaxy phones, your data will be safe during servicing or repairing scsg 91

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Samsung Maintenance Mode Released: People often think of taking their phone to a servicing center for repairs or updates. Many times there is a fear of data theft when giving such a phone. Sometimes while repairing or updating the phone there is a possibility of resetting and deleting all personal data. A few days ago there was a report of Rs 100 crore in Mumbai. Simply put, the longer the phone service center lasts, the more worried users are. But now Samsung company has found a wonderful solution to this problem. So at least Samsung users will be safe from this data theft.

Samsung has announced a new feature in its smartphone. Due to this new feature, the data on the phone cannot be kept more secure when given at the service center. The company has named this feature as Maintenance Mode. This feature was first made available for One UI 5 beta testing. But now it has been released for Samsung users worldwide.

How exactly does this feature work?
According to Samsung, data on the phone remains more secure in ‘maintenance mode’. With the help of this feature users can keep their photos, messages and phone numbers safe. That means now you don’t have to worry about panic and data theft while handing over the phone to the service center.

In ‘maintenance mode’ users can create their own special profile. In this, users can put their photos, messaging applications, phone numbers and financial applications. So, after the phone is given for service, the phone is returned to the users without any data tampering. According to Samsung, this software update has started rolling out to users worldwide. Now this update is also going to roll out for Galaxy S22 smartphone running on Samsung’s One UI 5. This feature will gradually roll out to all Samsung phones.

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How to start this feature?
If you are using a Samsung phone and want to enter ‘Maintenance Mode’, you should select the Settings option. In it select Battery and Device Care option and turn on this maintenance mode option. After turning on this option, the phone can be rebooted and sent to the center for service.

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