The Perseverance Rover captures video of a helicopter flying over Mars, and provides a “most detailed view” of the aircraft in action.

El róver Perseverance capta en video el vuelo de un helicóptero en Marte y las imágenes brindan "la vista más detallada" de la aeronave en acción

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20 Nov 2021 11:19 GMT

This is the 13th flight of the Ingenity Mars helicopter on September 4.

NASA Shared Image courtesy of Perseverance Rover showing the 13th Flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on September 4 “The most detailed view so far” Of the aircraft in operation.

The agency said the flight was delayed 160.5 seconds This is considered to be the most complicated one as it flies over various terrains within the “Saitah” geological feature and captures an outcrop from multiple angles for the rover team. Provides close-up of take-off and landing.

“The value of the Mastcam-Z really shines through with these video clips,” said Justin Mackie, Deputy Principal Investigator at NASA’s Jast Propulsion Laboratory at Mastcam-Z in California. “It simply came to our notice then Gorgeous close-up of take off and landing Through the ‘right eye’ of the Mastcam-Z. In the panoramic view taken ‘through the left eye’, the helicopter is a little more than a blueprint, but it gives the viewer. Good idea of ​​the size of the environment The scientist emphasized that he was exploring ingenuity.

The recordings also show how cleverly it maintains altitude during flight, revealing that it can detect changes in terrain altitude after its initial ascent to 8 m and adjust its flight automatically. On the way, helicopter Ten images were collected “It will return to the frame with its color camera from the rocky area and return to its destination,” NASA said in a statement.

The agency commented that the images, taken from a helicopter in September, complemented the images collected during Flight 12 and “provide valuable information to persuasion scientists and drivers of rover scouts.” Ingenity is preparing to fly its 16th aircraft soon.

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