The outcome of the first round of elections in Ecuador has not been defined. Indian candidate ‘cheating attempt’ | The world

The outcome of the first round of elections in Ecuador has not been defined.  Indian candidate 'cheating attempt' |  The world

The result First round of presidential election And FIG Ecuador Monday night (8) is not defined. We already know that there will be a second round and that there is an economist Andres Aroos, With the support of former President Raphael Korea, came in first and will be in the April 11 vote. even though, It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

While 98% of the ballot boxes were counted at 10:45 pm (Brasilia time), Aroos had 32.17% of the vote. Next is Indian leader Yaku Perez, 19.87 per cent – just 0.3 percentage points higher than former banker Guillermo Lasso. Who got the highest rating in the second round according to the polls?

The number of votes cast by the French Press Agency The need for a 13.69% minute review was delayed due to inconsistenciesSuch as the lack of signatures of members at polling stations.

Ecuador's presidential election goes to second round

1 minute Ecuador’s presidential election goes to second round

Ecuador’s presidential election goes to second round

In the morning, the National Electoral Council of Ecuador’s preliminary results system showed a sharp dispute for second place. About 97% of the ballot boxes were counted, but 14% would be reviewed, as the difference between the two candidates was only 5,200 votes.

Local candidate Yaku Perez for Ecuador’s presidential candidate on February 3, 2021 – Photo: Rodrigo Buntia / AFP

Perez described it as “fraudulent conspiracy” To prevent the local candidate from going to the second round. He claims without proving that he has enough votes to even overtake the first-placed Aros.

It was announced by National Election Council (CNE) President Diana Atomint “Every candidate has the right to resolve all legal issues to contest the results.”. “If we have to open the polls, we will,” he told reporters.

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Andrews Aruz during the campaign in Quito on Thursday (5) – Photo: Rodrigo Bundia / AFP

The move by Perez and Aroos to the second round would represent an electoral defeat for the Ecuadorian center-right: Both intend to implement an agenda that will further stimulate the economy After 2019 Political Crisis It has arrived Coronavirus infection It crushed Ecuador last year. The failed Lasso proposed to increase the purchasing power of wages, but within the agenda of austerity.

The rest seems to be the candidate Xavier Hervas – Another center-left representative. He finished fourth with about 16% of the voteThat is, less than four percent of the second round. The pre-election vote indicates that the percentage of votes Hervez won will not even reach double digits.

Incumbent President Lennon Moreno will step down on May 24. He decided not to run for re-election. Support has not been officially announced for any of the candidates who are likely to win the contest.

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