The Oscar-winning animated film “Wolfwalkers” made in Luxembourg

The Oscar-winning animated film "Wolfwalkers" made in Luxembourg

The highest volume of world cinema will take place on April 25: the 93rd Oscar Ceremony. Famous actors, global personalities and big names in the business together will select the best films of the past year in different categories.

Among the most prestigious awards, “Best Animated Film”. Among the nominees, especially the latest production from Pixar Studios, Juggernaut “Soul”, Netflix’s “Voyage Versus La Loon” and above all “Wolf Walkers” or “People Loop” grand-dual animation studio “Melu” Studio 352 ”and the latest gem, French.

You should be familiar with the emergence of this animation studio. Her best-known work is the film adaptation of “Ernest and Celesteine” and “Le Chant de la Mar”, who have already been nominated for Oscars. But one of their achievements is the animated series “Tichoupi” or “Franklin”.

Many residents of Luxembourg have been involved in the development of the Oscar-nominated “Wolf Walkers”. No less than ten Belgians have worked for the development of the film, directed by Tom Moore. Among them are Andre Odva, Denis Lambert, Pascal Gerard, Lawrence Gavroy, Isabel Frank, and Regin Waleff, who has lived in Arlon for 7 years. “I worked as a color decorator and animator on the production of this film,” explains the native, who hails from Esnex in the league region. “I also studied at St. Luke’s in Liege. “

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“Wolf Walkers” tells the story of 11-year-old Robin from England. Sent to Ireland with wolf hunter father. The latter also causes deforestation of these animals. During a trip, she meets Mab Egg McDere, a normal-looking woman who turns into a wolf while she sleeps. Accidentally, the second one will bite Rob, who will follow this bite and turn into a wolf after dark. “It’s a great adventure, and it always leads to a great moral. This is the principle behind Tom Moore’s films, ”insists Regin Walef.

The project will require a budget of ten million euros to be effective. For the first time in history, the studio collaborated with the famous Apple brand: Apple, no less. The film was distributed by the brand’s latest streaming platform, the Apple TV +. It is also the first animated feature film to appear on this platform, which aims to compete with Netflix and others. “Apple seems to be happy with the feedback. The film was released in Iceland and England and is still on display in the Grand Duchy. In other parts of the world, we have to see how the crisis unfolds, ”says Stephen Relands, CEO of the studio.

After all

While this is not the first time that the production of “Studio 352” has been nominated for a prestigious event, the pride is still the same for Mons native Stephen Reland. “It’s not trivial, but it’s a choice of editorial line,” he says. The main skeleton of the film is an editorial line around the composition and screenplay. It is something to be missed. The “Wolf Walkers” are a special reflection on ecology, the status of women in society, and dictatorship. Health crisis is needed and we will not be traveling to Los Angeles. “

Evidence suggests that if the Grand-Ducal studio’s knowledge is required, the American media thinks the “Wolf Walkers” are in a good position to win prizes in this category. However, there is a “spirit” that is one of the favorites. Anyway, being nominated is already a big recognition for us, ”he concludes.

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