The order states that Bulasio was also a victim

The order states that Bulasio was also a victim
May 31, 2022 – 01:15

Miguel de la Orden, a founding partner of RT Inversiones, has stated that he is “another victim” of Bulasios. The former manager of Banco Catamarca presented a brief overview of his extension of the investigation into the case, which is accused of “fraud” and other crimes. He demanded that the lack of qualification be rectified.

RT Inventions was created when de la Orden retired in 2001 as manager of the vanished Banco Catamarca. He was in charge of the company until 19 April 2021, when he signed a transfer agreement in favor of Alicia Estella Neva, son of Edgardo Bulasio and wife of Edgardo Edmundo and mother of “Edgardito”, Alicia Estella Neva.

During an extensive investigation, de la Orden denied the statements of Carolina Bonfonte, the accountant who implicated him and his brother Jose de la Orden in the scam. He also denied allegations that he was involved in deposit capture operations and invested in crypto assets.

“They never asked me or advised me on the new fundraising activity they enabled. On two occasions, I voluntarily expressed my negative opinion of the new operation to the new owners, as my experience has shown that it is impossible to make a profit to cover the cost of the new operation they carry out, “he said.

“I am just another victim of the actions of the current owners of RT Inversions,” he said.

Under Bulasios’ control, the company stopped investing in Easy Payments for two months, and in February they raised 26.6 million pesos of debt, he explained in a statement.

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They rescinded it on March 9, but Pago Fazil and the Western Union decided to end their relationship with the institution in April 2001, with the debt owed in favor of “interest on post-surrender interest.”

De La Ordon’s pamphlet was presented by his lawyer, Ricardo Ruiz.

De la Orden confirmed that his relationship as a salaried employee at the firm ended in December and that it was limited to administrative work. In addition to the remuneration, he said he would like to closely monitor the movements of money associated with Pago Fazil and the Western Union, stating that “the property was signed under a personal guarantee to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions, and that the new owners never approved the pledge.”

Everything collected in Pago Fossil and Western Union must be deposited in the bank within the next working day. “When I retired in December, the debt situation of Pago Fazil and the Western Union was up to date. From January 2022, they will start defaulting on Easy Payment Collection deposits and collecting $ 26,619,178.62 in debt until February 2022, ”he said.

Since de la Orden was still the guarantor of the operation, Pago Fazil ordered him to pay him personally.

“As a result of my repeated insistence that the new owners pay off that debt, they will only cancel it on March 9, 2022 with different investments,” he reported. At that point, due to disobedience, Pago Fácil and Western Union decided to suspend RT Inversions from raising money in their name and have limited collections to debit cards.

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