The oldest rugby tournament in the world is back

The oldest rugby tournament in the world is back

Pandemic remains a major obstacle

England and France head out on Saturday to win the 2021 Rugby Six Nations tournament, with the biggest hurdle in one edition being the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Shortly after the English victory in the 2020 edition ended on 31 October, the nations of the world’s oldest rugby tournament are facing the “ghost” of postponement due to the epidemic, and above all the constant changes in the fight against the disease in different countries.

Aside from his health, England are the favorite of bookmakers to win their fourth title in six years, with some accusing him of being “effective” in a style he imposed on the selection of ‘Rose’, led by technician Eddie Jones, while Australians like to call it “effective rugby”.

By winning the Six Nations in 2020, the English beat France in the final to win their first Autumn Cup title, but Jones has already warned that “if there is anything that will disappoint England it will never play out”. As he wished “.

“We want to dominate the opponents throughout the game. In some games it may be in the static stages, in others it is played on the edge of the” rack “, while in others it is played on foot. It is used well to find the right method for each game and to subdue the opponent,” the English coach explained.

On the contrary, France delighted the fans with their young and incredibly growing team, losing only to the English, the Six Nations and the Autumn Cup last year, and the final of the competition, respectively, in terms of points scored and difference.

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Fabian Galti’s goalscorer, who scored more points (138) and more rehearsals (17) than all his opponents at the Six Nations last year, was limited to defense, but assistant coach Rafael Ibazes has already shown confidence that “you can go”. One step up “.

“France have a team to fight for the trophies. We can not do more than we aspire to. That is the message we are sending to the players,” Ibazes said.

The two teams will meet on March 13 in London on March 13 in a match where title accounts can be defined.

Ireland were “run out” of the remaining “candidates” after finishing just behind the English and Gauls in the Autumn Cup in all six countries. In their favor, the fact is that they get exactly these two opponents from the only two games in Dublin in this edition.

Wales, who won all their games (Grand Slam) in 2019, practiced faster rugby than ever before under the leadership of Wayne Pivak of New Zealand, but the results must be combined with the quality of the game, as they have won three of the last 10 matches.

The “Wood Spoon”, the imaginary trophy for the final classified of the tournament, should be discussed again by Scotland and Italy, however, one or the other will surprise, and when Scotz wins the fourth round in 2020, France will go 28-17, resulting in the title “Blues”.

Uncertainty surrounding the evolution of the pandemic scenario opens up the possibility of games being postponed, with Ben Morel, executive director of the competition, already saying that the new restrictions would be the most likely scenario due to Kovid-19. Infectious disease.

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Six Nations 2021 Tournament Schedule:

The first day

February 06, Italy-France, 14:15

06 February, England-Scotland, 16:45

07 February, Wales-Ireland, 15:00

The second day

February 13, England-Italy, 2:15 PM

February 13, Scotland-Wales, 16:45

February 14, Ireland-France, 3:00 PM

The third day

February 27, Italy-Ireland, 14:15

February 27, Wales-England, 16:45

February 28, France-Scotland, 3:00 PM

The fourth day

13 Mar, Italy-Wales, 14:15

13 Mar, England-France, 16:45

March 14, Ecclesia-Ireland, 15:00

The fifth day

20 Mar, Scotland-Italy, 14:15

March 20, Ireland-England, 4:45 p.m.

March 20, France-Wales, 8 p.m.

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