The old adage that good hallers come in the rain has never been seriously erased

What did we learn about the Monster Hurling Championship this weekend? What new information has come into your consciousness and created a home for yourself?

Data-oriented economists will enjoy a lot with the three games so far in the winter version of the summer game, although there is only four hours of hard evidence in total.

That is why such works give first warnings: in the search for these small sample-sized patterns, we may overestimate the noses that occur in the graphs or underestimate the trends underlying critical events. However, we can certainly find some constant values.

Take the ability of different aspects to deal with variables like weather, which was more noticeable yesterday than Saturday night (‘weather’ here I mean ‘bad’).

After a few fast but brazing evenings, it finally rains heavily and a gust of wind blows. Well, it was early November.

Traditionally a weather report focusing on the weather is the villain’s last refuge, but the possibility of a Monster Championship in the winter has been a warning for some time now that he will have to play in horrific conditions.

We saw yesterday what it means and realized which side of it is better, but first of all, it’s not winter because our older ones remember it. Includes your author.

That means the Hearty Cup games in places like Banasha, Emily, and Butevanth, and the conditions at the bottom, were pretty impressive, and of course some of the old adidas boots still stuck there, the loneliness of someone’s mud on the ground, the game I played in 1979 when I was 65.

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General view of heavy rain activity during the Munster SHC clash between Tipperary and Limerick.  Image: Brendan Moran / Sports File
General view of heavy rain activity during the Munster SHC clash between Tipperary and Limerick. Image: Brendan Moran / Sports File

The surfaces at Pirk U Chaoim and Semple Stadium were equally fine, but there was no doubt that yesterday’s rain and wind in Cork created a dilemma for the players’ task.

Yet it will ultimately reward the best Haller. In the past, quoting from Cork Haller a century ago, he points out that good hillers come in the rain, and since then his principle has not been seriously erased.

However, Limerick’s physical prowess was an added advantage in yesterday’s game, despite the conditions.

Their physical strength is often the main attraction when evaluating their strength as a team – lazy focus, but as a team the coordination of their tackling is so strong that it can sometimes be taken for granted.

At the start and end of the game yesterday evening, as they were trying to get out of the defense, they knocked the ball out of the opponents, with a few handy book ends to underline that understanding.

But the lesson is that their Munster final rivals already fit in well. On Saturday evening, Thurles Waterford chief Liam Cahill acknowledged his players’ appetite for work.

They scored 50-50 balls more than Cork in the semi-finals and were more aggressive in tackle. It was clear even to those who did not attend.

Lesson learned

“They really attracted me to the league, they were very organized, very hard working, and again last night – I mean very organized, very well written and very hard working last night. This will be a big challenge. ”

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Speaker? John Kayley recognized the quality of Waterford’s performance yesterday.

The lessons are different in the two years lost over the weekend.

While Tipperary will be disappointed in the result, a campaigner with Liam Shedi’s experience will recognize the value of a game in this extraordinary championship.

Kayley himself pointed out that getting acquainted with the unfamiliarity of logistics has more to do with a single real achievement, but Tipperary took some time to adapt to the speed of a championship game, albeit a winter championship.

Within the first eight minutes, Lipperic had six points on Tipperary’s board, while the Premier Defenders’ balls behind the field polluted the pressure on Limerick.

(Another lesson to learn: Limerick moved Cian Lynch and Kyle Hayes to the wing-back at the start of the game, and Tipperary took some time to respond himself.)

On the plus side, Tipperary scored: Seamus Callan’s excellent assist for Jake Morris’ opener was the kind of pass that could create a heartbeat for Tip Captain to turn a game around. It would not be a bad thing to remember this morning that Callan was offered an easy point before he stopped his player for the goal: a lesson not only for blue and gold fans, but for young hallers everywhere.

If Tipperary’s second goal has a sulfur to it, there ‘s something to learn, too: John McGrath paddled quietly to finish, rather than waiting for a verdict on Brother Noel’s attack. The whistle is played regularly on all codes.

Cork, part of what Limerick and Waterford alike said in general over the weekend, is falling sharply this morning.

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When Liam Cahill was asked about his players ‘performance in the semi-final victory, he agreed – as mentioned – but he immediately tried to praise the players’ supply and satisfaction in possession.

The lesson there? Some qualities are considered bargaining and given. It has not occurred to Cahill that the rate of his work is a matter of debate, and therefore the speed with which they discuss their ball delivery.

The best teams either learn it fast or never forget it at first. The downsides are difficult to assimilate, and some never do.

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