The October-October launch of SpaceX by Nigo has been identified as a U.S. spy satellite

The October-October launch of SpaceX by Nigo has been identified as a U.S. spy satellite

A week later Signs of the mission first appearedThe National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has confirmed that SpaceX’s Nigo October launch will carry a new spy satellite.

Known as NRL-108, the mission is well-suited for a number of reasons, including its launch path, potential rocket, and surrounding secrets. While the NRO satellite launch and what the agency generally does is highly secretive, it is still unusual for the U.S. government to remain secretive about any kind of launch, even a month before Liftoff.

For SpaceX, the mysterious Zuma mission is the only U.S. mission to unravel the mystery of recent memory. NRL-108 are hidden, they go unnoticed And No government agency has claimed before, after or after the launch. However, a special launch, which Sumay completed half a year ago, sheds light on SpaceX’s latest surprise deal.

A block 3 Falcon 9 booster. (Tom Cross)

The only mission reminiscent of NROL-108 was actually the first launch of SpaceX for NRO – NROL-76. The payload, which began in May 2017 – is believed to be involved in a Low Earth Orbit (Leo) test of any kind of proximity activity – which is still classified and kept a secret. The most notable feature of the mission was that the spacecraft repeatedly issued the next passes to the International Space Station (ISS) – as incredibly unusual, NASA and Russia maintain strict control over what the Crew Outpost cannot approach or control.

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Like the NROL-76, the NROL-108 will be launched on a Falcon 9 rocket, while the mission’s booster will attempt a return-to-launch-site (RTLS) landing to return to Earth. For the Falcon 9, an RTLS booster landing basically indicates that the launched payload is lightweight, going to Leo, or a combination of the two. Although NROL-76 is similar in this respect, NROL NROL-76 Revealed It has been confirmed that the SpaceX mission will begin 10 months before the launch date.

For NROL-108, NRO has only confirmed its SpaceX launch plans After FCCC documents reveal any kind of Nigu mission mission scheduled for October 2020. For the NRO, it is quite unusual for Liftoff to reveal a launch in less than a month.

Unusual: If the building-sized Falcon 9 booster from Los Angeles somehow manages to stop SpaceX manes from crashing, the NRL-108 will mark the opening of the spy agency on a proven rocket commercial flight. SpaceXX has at least three new Falcon 9 boosters at various stages of preparation for NASA and U.S. military launches in October TBD (GPS III SVV04) and November (Crew-1, Sentinel 6A), but all three remain stable.

Accordingly NRO’s Space Official Confirmation SpaceflightNow, A Space X Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Nero NRL-108 on October 25 (NET). GPS III SV04 (October TBD), Sirius XM’s latest radio satellite (early November), Sentinel 6A Oceanographic Satellite (net November 10), Crew Dragon’s first working space launch (net) in mid – November), Cargo Dragon 2 (net November 22), a Turkish communications satellite (Net November 30), and several Starlink missions.

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