The number of views per day on Instagram will be limited

Jumlah Tampilan Stories di Instagram dalam Sehari Bakal Dibatasi
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MUIANEWS, Kudus- So far, Instagram users can upload up to 100 story posts simultaneously. However, uploaded videos and photos will disappear within 24 hours.

The plan is to limit the number of Instagram story uploads by one day. Currently, Instagram is testing the new layout for uploading videos and photos across stories.

Launching from By 9to5mac, testing this feature was reported by Brazilian Instagram user Phil Riesel. He shared the test on his Twitter account, which shows that Instagram can only display uploads of three stories. However, users who receive the update can tap the ‘Show All’ button to see all the stories that have been uploaded to that account.

If the user does not tap the button, it will switch to the other user’s account stories. It is reported that only a small group of users who received the update with the new Stories Layout will be included in this test.

This feature seems to be bad news for celebrities and creators who share a large number of posts in a day. Recognition activities will definitely have an impact on the number of their viewers.

But the update, which limits the display of stories uploads, will actually allow users to see more posts. This way you can quickly view posts from other accounts if you are not interested in the content.

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Editor: Danny Agus

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