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The Nobel Peace Prize spells out Trump’s campaign in a fundraising ad

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  • To celebrate the second nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Trump campaign released an ad mispronouncing Nobel as “Noble.”
  • An extreme right-wing Norwegian legislator has renamed President Donald Trump’s prestigious award, citing his role in normalizing relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.
  • Anyone can nominate for the prize, and hundreds of candidates are submitted each year.
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The Trump campaign released an ad this week nominating President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, but mistyped the Nobel as “Nobel.”

The Facebook ad Shows Trump smiling with text overlay: “President nominated Donald Trump for Best Peace Prize.” A caption reads: “President Trump wins peace in the Middle East!”

2021 Nomination It came first this week From an far-right Norwegian legislator who praised Trump’s role Fostering discussions Last month between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Christian Tybring-JJD Told Fox News, “The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to Donald J. Trump for all efforts to bring peace to the region.”

Tybring-pike Trump’s name has been thrown out before Diplomatic efforts with North Korea run in 2019.

It is certain that Trump has not achieved widespread peace in the region. Earlier this year, Palestinian leaders rejected the Trump administration’s plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with U.S. troops still deployed in Iraq and Syria.

Any head of state or member of a national government A candidate can submit, And is praised by hundreds of people every year. These rules also allow for the submission of nominees to university professors and directors of foreign policy institutions. The BBC reported.

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Trump celebrated the recognition on Twitter on Wednesday morning by re-posting congratulatory messages from conservatives.

The President has long wanted a gift The select committee was blown up For not honoring him already.

His re-election team quickly moved to celebrate nomination news through ads, and campaign emails and texts to supporters asking for donations.

Four American presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize, most recently in 2009 by former President Barack Obama. Trump was critical of that election.

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