The next game from the creator of Elden Ring might be about giant robots. Reedus

The next game from the creator of Elden Ring might be about giant robots.  Reedus

What will be the next game from FromSoftware Studios after creating the masterpiece world of Elden Ring? The team behind games like Dark Souls and Sekiro carved out the genre on their own, but gamers have been whispering that the developer will bring back its Armored Core shooter series.

Now it looks like we have evidence that the studio could actually move in that direction.

Fromsoftware’s next game can be guessed from the job listings, as they mention specific requirements that include running Armored Core or something similar.

Games about giant robots had their audience, but FromSoftware made its mark in a different way.

© Armored Core

Moreover, as representatives of FromSoftware recently said, the mysterious project may be in the final stages of construction. In fact, the developer recently rebranded its Armored Core website, further hinting at the reveal.

Also, repeat the vacancy for the designer Mentioned Mecha is a genre that focuses on giant robots. The worker will be responsible for “a wide range of designs related to characters and mechanisms,” as well as offering “visual images in line with a game’s concept of cars and weapons.”

The studio has been developing Armored Core games since 1997, the last of which was released in 2013, which later grew into Dark Souls when the team found themselves in Demon’s Souls. However, now at the height of its glory, FromSoftware may want to go back and improve its current experience.

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