The new technology protects the skin from the signs of aging

The new technology protects the skin from the signs of aging

Scientists are looking for a way to preserve the skin’s radiance and protect it from the symptoms of aging by giving old cells back to the young.

  • New technology to protect youthful skin

Scientists are looking for a way to preserve the youth of the body’s cells, prevent many diseases related to aging and brighten the skin.

In 2007, Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka transformed old cells into stem cells, capable of dividing and dividing like embryonic cells.

Yamanaka used four chemical compounds called Yamanaka agents, and the process lasted 50 days.

But the problem is that the Yamonica test returned the cells to zero before specialization, so in the new study, the scientists were able to bring the old cells back to the young cells, retaining their specialization, and they did this using the Yamonic components, but within 13 days.

They tested it on skin cells, which included 3 people aged 38, 53, and 53 years, and then exposed the cells to the yolk sac for 13 days, after which they found that the old cells looked like young cells. Is 30 years younger than them.

They then made an incision in these cells, only to find that the cells become younger as they age, or to ensure that they regain efficiency at work, when this is done the skin cells are found to secrete large amounts. The collagen molecule responsible for building tissues and healing wounds.

This experiment is an important step because scientists are trying to apply it to various cells in the body.

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