The new study answers the mystery about giant stars

The new study answers the mystery about giant stars

Ten years ago, an ultraviolet light was detected near several spiral galaxies.

A glow that can only be detected by very large stars – glowing galaxies are unlikely to form on the outer surface because there may be cold and dense gas.

Yet world scientists need to find themselves in the explanation that the stars still formed there. Giant stars have a relatively short lifespan, so they do not have the opportunity to travel as far as they should at the edge of the galaxy.

Travel at 100 kilometers per second

That conclusion provided prior knowledge of how stars form in turbulence. But now three researchers at the University of Lund believe they are closer to the answer to this mystery.

– We can now show that these stars may have been created just like the other stars but have progressed a little along the way, says Eric Anderson, a doctoral student in astronomy at Lund University, in a press release.

A new study using computer simulations has concluded that stars are “ejected” from the places where they first formed due to the gravitational forces of other young stars.

The speed of their voluntary separation is estimated at 100 kilometers per second“Lund University writes in a press release.

The study is described as the next step with a comprehensive theory of how stars form and how galaxies evolve.

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