The new single MV “D” from BNK48 in the dance version can now be seen on Apple Music.

MV Music Video Song “Good” Tenth single from the girls BNK48 In the dance version, you can see it today. Exclusive to Apple Music

Apple Music joins hands with BNK48 to send the “D” dance version to everyone, and Apple Music is the only place for BNK48 members to see the charm and brilliance that no one has ever seen before.

After the girls released the music video for the song BNK48 “D”, the tenth single was released for all to see. Today, they are ready to release a continuum of positive energy through the “D” dance version that shows both beautiful angles. Practicing dance skills, the Senbatsu set attracts a variety of birds and animals.

In addition to being the tenth single on “D”, the song is also the group’s first original song that tells the love story of a girl growing into adolescence. Mixed with electronic instrument beats and synthesizers through live instruments. Make music more active and three-dimensional. This is the first time that all 16 members have received a single chorus. All their people.

The highlight of “D” is the tenth single from BNK48

  • For the first time the main song on the BNK48 single is the original song is a completely new song. Usually, the song used is the original song of the sister group AKB48. Origin of the group from Japan. Crew Ih is the producer of the song, and composes the spotty music arrangement, atta, melody and rap.
  • For the first time, BNK48’s song has a single verse for all 16 members. There will be only one sentence with a center or other and the rest will be part of the chorus.
  • The small boats, the big boats, and the royal boats all sailed together, because the 16 members of this song have a pair of chips (and a pair of members close to each other) and the storytelling and video of the music, well, every couple has a beautiful scene.
  • Song Dee is a return to the center of mobile BNK48 after the previous song. Koizuru Fortune Cookie Be the centerpiece of BNK48’s most popular song.
  • DA’s Zenbatsu Set is a street luxury style featuring world – class contemporary artist Yuri Kensaku. Come to design patterns in the dress code.
Good MV BNK48 Apple Music

Watch the music video for the “D” Dance Edition on Apple Music today

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