The new nose will unlock the hidden possibilities in the car

The new nose will unlock the hidden possibilities in the car

Currently the third Walking-based organization in the Constructors’ Championship, the final homogenization time limit for the major parts of Formula 1 was defeated by a Mercedes-style nose at the Russian Grand Prix.

While the nose itself has not taken a clear step in speed, team principal Andreas Seidel believes that the different aero direction that the new design allows to follow will help it achieve greater speed than the current car.

“On a mid-season homogenization date, we want to experience it as soon as possible,” Seidel said when asked by about the new nose concept.

“That’s why we decided to test it out step by step as soon as some parts of this package became available. So, the goal is clear: this is the direction of development we saw in Windownell with this different nosebox concept.

This gives us more chances by unlocking more possibilities from the car based on performance. That is the direction we are going.

“So the plan is to gradually bring more parts of this package to track now, with the clear goal of unlocking more performance.”

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McLaren believes it now has the third fastest car at racing points, and Renault has also made strong progress since the Belgian Grand Prix.

The closeness of that midfield fight has not left Seidel in a myth, and McLaren needs to increase its upgrade push to avoid losing to key rivals in the fight for third place overall.

“In terms of clean car possibilities, I think Racing Point is similar to the average after the Barcelona test, it’s the fastest car in this war,” Seidel said.

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Rhino explains that they have made a good move since the spa, while we have always been involved in competitions, in front of them or in qualifying sessions.

“We acknowledge that they have taken a good step, and it is now up to us to make sure that we are advancing with our car and finding the next level of speed if we are to keep this fight active.

“It is important to analyze what happened [in Russia], Introduction to this new nose box and analyze in detail what was done in Landau’s car. It is important to come to the right conclusions and innovate in order to keep this war active.

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