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The new Nissan Z sports car pays homage to the original Datsun 240Z

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You can say goodbye to the two-seater Nissan 370Z that helped the company celebrate 50 years of sports car performance.

Because it’s time to say hello to a new Nissan Z, which may be the 2022 model next year. Officially called Hence ZThe sports car, which has just been unveiled, will be named the 400Z for production. It will replace it when it looks very different from the car, and it may seem familiar if you know your Z car history. The headlights, grille, overall shape, and small details are all here, paying homage to the original 1970s Datsun 240 Ez. That car really included the Datsun – Nissan name on the performance automotive map used for years.

While Next-Gen Z respects its past, it is very much ready for tomorrow. The advanced twin-turbo V6 engine is good for 300 horsepower. As Nissan’s other cars move towards electrification, it is aimed at traditional lovers. To do this, you can change your own gears with a 6-speed manual transmission. For a targeted audience, a stick is not a Z.

The current 370Z has been around for almost 12 years now, even at the sports car level. There were often rumors that the next one would not even happen.

But this is a tradition that Nissan is leaving alone. Z will remain a Z in pure form. Two seats, and a combination of traditional attributes with a recognition of the future, especially inside. The touchscreen controls will be integrated with the classic style instrumentation.

Other sporty cars, known as the Heritage Look, especially the Ford Mustang and the last two generations, the Dodge Challenger, have a design reminiscent of the great muscle car era.

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Not lost on all of this, the value of the classic Datsun Z is on the rise, with the best examples of early models sometimes gaining six figures. The next Z – a throwback styling reversal – Nissan counts on that renewed excitement to ensure that the winner of everything gets a little nostalgia. But it revolves around a modern performance car aimed at 2022 and beyond.

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