The new Mass Effect trailer full of secrets makes fun of the director

The new Mass Effect trailer full of secrets makes fun of the director

The trailer is less than two minutes long but apparently gives a lot of distance (Image: Bioware)

The untitled new entry in the Mass Effect series has only a short CGI trailer yet, but fans have already come up with some theories about it.

The new Mass Effect is as exciting as the trailer Revealed at last night’s game awards, it’s a short CGI teaser so it’s not confirming the awesome stuff.

However, project director Michael Gamble (who has been involved with the series regularly since Mass Effect 2) scoffed that the trailer was going far beyond eye-catching.

He said there was ‘too much to unpack’ and advised fans to be careful and attentive.

Some already suspect that Mass Effect still has that connection with Andromeda (no matter how badly the game is received), the only character in the series regular Liara T Sony, the trio set up long after the actual events, because Liara’s species is capable of living for over 1000 years.

Fans combine the trailer for any other details, one is the silhouette of a reaper and the run of the robots that acted as the main rivals throughout the original trilogy.

Gamble confirmed this on Twitter, which means that the planet seen in the trailer is in the Milky Way and could be Earth itself.

Some members of the development team, Dusty Everman and Parish Lay, have worked as narrative designers and cinematic directors on trilogy, respectively.

Both had initially given up on bioware but have now entered the job in the new game. According to Gamble, more former bioware staff have returned.

Dusty decided to rejoin Bioware to work on the next Mass Effect game. There is more like Dusty. We have heard what the Mass Effect means to you. ‘

The possibility of the return of the former Bioware Veterans will ease the minds of some fans of what happens in the late studio.

Recently, Casey Hudson, co-creator of Mass Effect, and Mark Darra, executive producer of Dragon Age, left Bioware, without giving an official official explanation as to why.

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