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The new Kovid plan will explain local restrictions in case the case escalates, Martin says

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Taoist Michael Martin urged adults to limit social contact to ensure that schools remain open and that people continue to work.

He said the new long-term plan to stay with Cavd-19, which launches on Monday, would clarify at what point local regulations would start if needed.

“I urge people to limit their social interactions, especially with adults. We want schools to stay open and we want people to keep working, ”he said.

Martin said the government wants to ensure that there is a clear and consistent approach to dealing with Cavd-19.

“I think people are tired of being infected with this virus,” he told RT Virus Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

Next week’s plan will offer a framework of “simple messaging” about the different levels that apply if there are spikes in the numbers. “We are moving into the second phase.”

He said he knew people were difficult and challenging and that he needed to be lenient with the public.

He said he was very interested in the increased number of caves but that the government had “learned lessons from the past” and that Ireland would not see a significant explosion in nursing homes.

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