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The new GeForce driver is busy helping a media

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The WHQL-certified 461.40 drive also has no bug fixes, and the Studio version is not abandoned.

Nvidia provides a 461.40 driver with a WHQL signature that provides and maintains a media-friendly profile Recently announced Mobile GeForce Is.

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The company did not take bug fixes lightly either. The new package includes one side 461.33 GeForce Hotfix Equipment Driver All patches and the rest are described below:

  • Chrome Zoom will not trash
  • Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Crywick cannot crash in DirectX11 mode
  • Fixed issues with instability in DaVinci resolution
  • Configuration with GeForce RTX 30 Series VGA will not restart if the user activates surround mode with G-Sync.

Included in the new drive Authentication, Or the driver itself can download from it About Nvidia Server, Or available via GeForce Experience. The latest version of the Studio Package for Content Creators is also available.

The device driver can be installed on 64-bit Windows 10 (depending on the Fall Creator’s update), 8.1, 7 operating systems, and GeForce 600, 700, 900, 1000, 1600 (Super), 2000 (Super), 3000, and Titan series products. Users. Additionally, the driver includes physics driver version 9.19.0218. For Mobile GeForce, it is up to the notebook manufacturer to decide if a driver can be installed on a particular machine.

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