The new edition of United World Week begins

The new edition of United World Week begins

Dare to pay attention. This is the central theme of the 25th edition of United World Week, which promotes Focolor youth, airing on the multilingual platform from May 1 to 9. The central event of the week will be the International Convention in Brussels, Belgium from May 7 to 9

Marina Tomaro – Vatican City

A care that transcends the social meaning, but embraces politics, must be rejected as a service to each individual and social sector, the path to a better future. This is the motto of #Daretocare, I dare say, this is the guiding thread for this new edition of United World Week. Adherence to the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, from the anti-Kovid vaccine to the universal public good, to the implementation of global strategies to welcome immigrants, followed by legitimacy, civil economy and integral ecology.

“This week’s theme is from a very simple idea. We want citizens to be ‘cared for’, he explains Connaught Burns, One of the organizers of the event was a young Irishman. With the pandemic that hit us last year, we need to find new ways to take care of each other. Through this campaign, which was launched last June, we want to send a strong message that we all want this care to be applied to active citizenship and politics. ”

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Proximity as the first goal

During this difficult year, many young people from all over the world tried to apply the invitation from this campaign. “We have tried to reach out to the most vulnerable, especially the most vulnerable – Connell continues to reach out to many disadvantaged families, the homeless, and refugees, as well as through anti-corruption campaigns or our contributions to the protection of forests and food waste. United World Week was first launched in 1995 with the aim of influencing public opinion on the possibility of peaceful co-operation between the two countries, and each year includes thousands of people with full respect for the dignity of all human beings and the identity of all people and society.

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Voices and testimonies from around the world

Many heroes attend weekly events. Among them are economists Jeffrey Sachs, Sir Partha Dasgupta and Luigino Bruni; Simon Borg, Professor of Environment and Resource Law at the University of Malta; Lone Gold, Professor of Environment, Sustainability and Social Justice at the National University of Ireland Maine; Catherine Belsung, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Tour de France; Pascual Ferrara, Ambassador and Diplomat; Giuseppe Gotti Magistrates of the National Anti-Mafia and Counter-Terrorism Directorate; Margaret Karam, President and Co-President of the Folklore Movement, Jesus Moron; Don Luigi Siotti, founder of Libera.

“In addition to the guests – underlining Conlett – there will be young people who attended the Economy of Francesco event in Assisi last November, starting with an economy that focuses on caring for others. Most meetings for this edition are online, and they allow us to connect with many movements around the world, not only because Even the experiences we hear are very different, we go from a very young thirteen-year-old climate change activist from Thailand to two two-eighty-year-old children from Germany, who testify to their closeness and care for others. “

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