The new Diffie hack in the Binance Smart Chain has been stolen for $ 30 million

hackeo plataforma defi binance smart chain

There is a new hacking victim in the decentralized finance platform (DFI) environment of Binance Smart Chain. The Spartan protocol received an attack this weekend that led to about $ 30 million in theft.

This Saturday, May 1, the attacker took advantage of a weakness in the Spartans, A Diffie platform that offers “flash loans” or quick loans. The system has been used several times in Ethereum DeFi over the past year.

The Spartan developers confirmed the attack and the loss of funds via Twitter of the project. In one of your messages, Spartan exposed What The attacker used $ 61 million in Binance Coin (BNB) to empty the protocol’s liquidity pools.

Peckshield, a blockchain-based security analytics firm, explained the bug that allowed it to steal funds in Spartan. According to their analysis, the weakness of the protocol code stems from the liquidity calculation. This is allowed to increase artificially Remove funds blocked in the Spartan Agreement. All this, a Flash loan.

In the history of attacks on Defy platforms, from the fever in its network Ethereum, Until now it has become popular in the Binance Smart Chain, affected by errors in protocol codes. In most cases, these errors started from a lack of auditing and the speed with which the platforms were launched, trying to capitalize on the moment Diffie’s popularity.

About, The creators of Spartan guarantee that this is not the case. On the same social network, the developers claimed their code Audited At least from September 2020.

After the attack, the team behind the protocol hopes to rebuild from the ashes left behind by the attack and offer a safer product. In the meantime, they will work with Binance to find a way to recover the funds and return them to the affected platform partners.

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The Spartan team confirmed that the error was caused by a lack of audit of the code. Fountain: Spartan protocol /

Diffie hacks in the growing business smart chain

Binance Smart Chain, Binance’s network for smart contract development, has been suggested as a competition for Ethereum. Among other things, with the ability to create defi platforms, it boomed in 2020.

But now it seems Competes with the created network Vitalic butyrin In related damages and hacks DeFi. Although these vulnerabilities do not start from the Ethereum or BSC network, errors in the protocols are common in both cases.

Spartan is the second decentralized financial platform to lose millions of dollars after a hack in a week. On April 28, it became the uranium finance ministry.

Uranium was attacked during the transition to version 2.1 of the protocol, as reported by Crypto Notice. That hack Left loss For more than $ 50 million Due to a change in the source code of Sushiswap, which was forwarded to generate uranium, among the various cryptocurrencies in the cache of the platform.

Between 2019 and 2021 this year, attacks on Defy platforms stole approximately $ 284 million. Messi calculates this figure despite the fact that Defie is constantly robbed Not even 1% Of the total funds blocked on this type of platform.

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