The new decoration of the Oval Office tests the “special relationship” between Washington and London

The new decoration of the Oval Office tests the "special relationship" between Washington and London

M.Where was Winston Churchill’s downfall? On Wednesday, January 20, when Joe Biden opened the Oval Office to the press for his first day at the White House, this change immediately jumped out of the view of British tabloids.

The Oval Office symbolizes the power and prestige of the office of President of the United States. By entering it, Joe Biden, like his predecessors, took over the present and left his mark on the decor: it should reflect his personality, the type of president he intends to lead, and inspire him greatly. His days are busy.

Joe Biden’s decoration is a privert-style inventory in the history of the United States: he was presented to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in front of the Resolution Desk. Roosevelt’s portrait was hung (referring to the crisis of the 1930s) and he arranged for George Washington, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. He added that Benjamin Franklin intended to show his faith in science. In addition, he erected a moonstone, paying homage to space missions and echoing his return. Planned for 2024 on Earth satellite.

Then come the busts: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy and Rosa Parks – All references to civil rights struggles. What about Winston Churchill, Roosevelt’s unwavering ally during World War II? «Special relationship Diplomatic, economic, military and cultural ties between the United Kingdom and the United States?

George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were born in Franklin d.  Roosevelt's image rotated left and right.

“Insult to Churchill”

A special English press, in it The sun (It protects the tooth and keeps the nails “brittanide”), competing against it “Respond to Churchill” (ിൽ Churchill Snab). The Daily Mail Find the suffocation “Very upset” Bust replaced “By Socialist Caesar Chavez”, American Farmers Union leader and civil rights activist. Nigel Farage, the herald of “Brexit” and an unfortunate supporter of Donald Trump, believes this is a withdrawal “Hit the British in the face for any hope [d’entretenir] Good Relationships ”.

This is not the first time the United Kingdom has questioned the plight of the White House. Published by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, during the Brexit campaign and Barack Obama’s visit to British soil in April 2016 The sun A forum for racial slurs. He referred to the ability of the president “Half Kenyan”, The bust was undoubtedly removed from an oval office “Ancient animosity towards the British Empire, in which Churchill was a fierce defender.”.

The crash of Caesar Chavez behind Joe Biden's desk.

Not one, but two busts

But Johnson was unaware that there were two busts of the old lion in Washington. Both were created by sculptor Jacob Epstein, who commissioned an advisory board of martial artists to design a former British prime minister at the end of World War II. Washington Post And CNN. However, no one knows how many models were melted down before the final result – ten, twelve or sixteen.

One of them, President Lyndon B., died on October 6, 1965. Given to Johnson, and later subjected to an indefinite restoration. Thus, in July 2001, Tony Blair left the residence of the British Ambassador to Washington, George W. Bush. Lent to Bush. So the statue remained in the Oval Office until it was released by the Republicans before being returned to the British authorities.

Barack Obama was placed in the Treaty Room outside the Oval Office

However, being part of the White House has not been forgotten. Presided over by Barack Obama, he was housed outside the Oval Office, in the Treaty Room, a room that is part of the President’s family’s private apartments. In April 2016, during a trip to London, Barack Obama He responded without naming Boris Johnson. “I like this person”, He declared (41 minutes 32 seconds in the video above) Before adding, about Bust: “There aren’t many tables where you can put busts. Otherwise, they start to look a little busy. “

After entering the White House, Donald Trump returned to the Oval Office just before the issuance of the anti-immigration order, the “Muslim ban” and the “travel ban”. The Guardian Jacob Epstein commented that everything Trump hates includes. Born in New York in 1880, he was the son of Jewish refugees from Poland who immigrated to the United States to escape poverty and persecution.

However, the sphere of influence that Winston Churchill might now enjoy was not even used in the UK. In June 2020, a statue of the former Prime Minister, located near Parliament, was tagged with the inscription “Racism”. In the performance of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Android. Boris Johnson condemned the move. He had called her“Nonsense and shame”, Before adding that it is impossible to try to change the actions and thoughts of those who ruled the country decades ago.

At a time when there is concern that family ties between Joe Biden and Ireland could be weakened in the United Kingdom. Special relationship, 10 Dunning Street decided not to respond to this crisis. A spokesman said in a press release that he was returning “Of course the president wants to decorate the Oval Office.”. The White House did not comment.

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