The new Burger King and Poppies Drive Thrace will be like this

The new Burger King and Poppies Drive Thrace will be like this

Restaurant Brands International, which owns three brands, said Tuesday that it will innovate and speed up the drive-through experience in more than 10,000 restaurants in North America by mid-2022.

It involves the installation of more than 40,000 digital menu screens, or four on each drive-through path. Screens offers contactless payment methods that accelerate the progress of cars through drive-through, integrate loyalty programs to show items based on customer payback history, and use product prediction sales technology based on weather, time of day, and trending items. . Screens have better technology that can help prevent malfunctions.

Drive-thrust is more important To restaurant chains during pandemic, more and more customers are ordering delivery or eating out while dining rooms are closing or operating at low capacity due to restrictions.

The new digital screens will “meaningfully enhance our drive-through experience at critical times and strengthen a key point of diversity for our brands,” the company’s chief financial officer Matthew Dunnigan said in a call on Tuesday discussing the financial results.

Burger King and Tim Hortons in particular may benefit from increased sales: both brands are struggling in times of crisis.

In the three months ending Sept. 30, sales at Burger King restaurants, which have been open for at least a year, fell 7%. In Tim Hortons, which does not have a morning commute, sales at restaurants that have been open for at least a year are down 12.5 percent as more people work from home. Tim Hortons is trying to boost afternoon sales to improve the situation.

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The increasing number of Kovid-19 cases in North America means that the unexpected dining room closure is not over. Early October, Ontario’s Tim Hortons restaurants have had to temporarily close their dining rooms because of restrictions, CEO Jose said in a call Tuesday regarding the Canadian environment as “challenging.” Rising in the United States, such as.
Popius performs well: Comparable sales increase by 17.4% in third quarter, largely due to brand success Popular chicken sandwich.

Total income fell 8 percent to $ 1.3 billion in the third quarter.

Even before the epidemic, many networks were strengthening their drive-through infrastructure.

Burger King has been working on new restaurant designs for a number of years. Last month, Chain Two new restaurant designs have been unveiled Features like triple drive-thru, burger pickup lockers and small dining rooms.
Last year, McDonald’s acquired AI company Dynamic Yield To help design smart digital menu boards to help increase sales, Developed the technology across its drive thrust.
Restaurant brands (QSR) New screens have already been launched at 1,500 US Burger King locations and 800 Tim Hortons locations in the United States and Canada.

In those places, new screens led to overall sales and higher costs per order, “this is still early,” Kobsa said.

It plans to start adding screens to poppies locations later this year.

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